Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year Jazzlovers

Woolworths Dubai

Hello Jazzlovers,

A beautiful cold day in Beautiful Bahrain.

This birthday I am now officially a senior citizen!!I went from middle age to old age in one day..Now the amazing thing about this change in life is I don't feel it!!Now I know the Mirror can and often does LIE to us..( Just look at how some people leave home dressed!) but I don't think I look it either, but when I was younger and growing up, people the age I am now were old in looks and action, (maybe the mirror does lie..)but I am very busy and active, I go to the gym so I am in pretty good shape for an old man......So I guess my reason for opening this discussion is when do we start being old? Is there a rule book that says our actions must change? I have noticed that people do treat me differently,and I do tend to speak my mind more often than I did in the past!(My Grandmother use to say , (when she let loose a zinger) " I am old enough to say anything I want too" and I think I do understand that now. Hummmmmmm! I think it is because you Recognize BS as soon you see it! That is called experience..

I love fashion and I feel like I have my own style, I don't try to dress and act 21, but since I have crossed that line, is there certain thing I can not wear anymore? I started greying about 25 years ago and I don't color my hair, ( deliver me from bad dye jobs) I love my silver hair and beard,and I do wear glasses but I have quite a collection of fashionable styles ( I have worn glasses from age 12) and I am very comfortable with the styles I choose as they are part of my wardrobe...this is a real debate in my head right now. Is my life supposed to change because of a number?

What I have noticed is that I am developing a love for animal print shirts, bright jewel toned sweaters, and leather pants and jackets but does that mean I am joining the ranks of old men who wear stiped shirts and plaid pants? Do I look ridiculous when I think I am looking good ? Who wrote that book anyway? But the body is looking good and my energy level remain high so I guess I am really am as old as I feel....I did not realize this was a dilemma until I started writing tonight. When I sit down to write I never know where it is going to go...Is that Jazz?

The big question is what about Love???? I do want to love again, that is clear in my heart and my mind but where does love stop coming our way!! I know so many old folks that have given up on love, is that a part of the aging process? This month also marks the 2 year anniversary of my breakup and I have given myself healing what is next I really don't know...But I had a wonderful birthday celebration this year, and will always remember this one..thanks to my friends at Betty Too and The Web....Thank you guys very much....

Well Jazz Lovers that is where my head is as we leave 2009 and start 2010, so go out and get yourself some Live!!!! Because that is just what I am going to do, you see because I am still here and that is what's important....... SO HAPPY NEW YEAR JAZZ LOVERS...

Well Jazz Lovers until Next Year ...

Keep the Beat!

DW JazzLover

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amsterdam The Harlem Gospel Choir from Brooklyn and Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens


A beautiful cold day in Beautiful Bahrain

Hello Jazzlovers,

I have just returned from 3 wonderful weeks in a city I truly love Amsterdam, (now don't let your head go there) to me it is the most beautiful place.I walk for hours and hours daily, and as many years I have been going, it still amazes me at each turn, it is constantly unfolding it's Beauty. When I say Amsterdam to my friends their minds automaticly go to the pleaseures they have experienced, or the pleasures they think is Amsterdam. Those who have been there only saw or experienced exactly what they were looking for (most have limited themselves only to the areas of their pleasures) but the City is so much more!

The amazing thing about Amsterdam is the music,(if you limit yourselves to only the tourist areas you only hear commercial music, they play to your taste) it never ceases to amaze me the Dutch taste in Music. Remixes and original artist, Dianah, Billie, Marlena, Ella, Miles,Cassandra ,Nina,Jill,Angie,and the list just goes on ans on, They really appreciate the greats...Sitting in local bars or cafes is of the greatest pleaseurs....
By all means visit the music store Concerto, if they don't have it it has not been released (don't think Fame or Virgin) it is a true Amsterdam experience...

I had a young traveling companion, that was a little bored with the music store and tried to drag me kicking and screaming in ti the 21st centry of Ipods and downloads, but I understand the instant gratification genaration. They will never know the sound of records,and needle, the pleasure of 45s,331/3s, LPs but that is ok! But the Dutch understands and that is what is important the music is being preserved...and enjoyed by a new generation, including my friend, he too was amazed at the music...and that is what's important. he was able to hear it for in may instances  the first time...One day he will understand the pleasure of choosing a CD, reading the liner notes and placing the CD in the changer and hearing that sweet  sweet sound....I still have a tape deck and a turntable for goodness sakes!!!( it is ok to laugh here..).

The first day we were walking to one of my favorite places, when we saw the poster, The Harlem Gospel Choir in Concert ! and decided to I have attended concerts in Amsterdam over the years and have always enjoyed them very much, so I felt no reserveations about here is where it gets interesting!!!!!I will also post photos after I get my film developed (yes I still use a point and shoot) as I am slow sometimes. But this was one of the most interesting nights of my life! We went to the ticket center(something you must do in Amsterdam) and even got half price tickets! we then walked to Paradiso to see the distance from the hotel to plan our time for the next night......Looking forward to the Harlem Gospel Choir!!

So on the next night we left early to get to the hall and good thing too because there was a long line..then we had to buy membership to get in (no problem) when we entered we choose floor seats about 5 rows back on the end (good seats). A very interesting couple took seats next to us ( in Amsterdam it is ok to have conversations with people you are near) we started a nice conversation and it was all good.....Now I grew up in the South and remember" Revivals" so I was cool Until!!!!my friend went to get refreshments, and came back with BEER!!!Baby Louisiana and my Mama came flying through that room instantly!!!Beer and Gospel Music just did not instantly compute!!!!The look on my face must have been amazing, because I stopped in mid sentence and just stared at the beer and lost it!!!! You can take the man out of Louisiana but you can not take Louisiana out of the man, I have never laughed so hard in my life!!!WOW! But more confusion was yet to come!!!

The first group was a young Dutch Female Acappela Quartet that was very good, the second group was a gospel rock group which was very nice. The Third Group was when I started to get Nervous! it was a Polish Gospel Choir, lead by a Chicago Brother, (now I must say here I do believe in something bigger than me in this universe, butI have a fear of organized religion, I have paid too many dues and suffered a lot of pain)The first words out of the brothers mouth was " If you thought you were coming to a concert you are so wrong"!and started a serious guilt trip on the crowed!!!!Now picture this,I have beer in my hand and except for my friend, the only one in the area with a beer!!!!"We are here to praise"Get up"!and it looked like I had walked into a another time!!!All of you Southerners know what I am talking about it was a little freaky......I turned to my friend and asked should we leave(it was his first time) he said no lets stay awhile.....Now I am glad I did (I am still not to the best part)! The Polish Gospel Choir even though singing gospel were 2 steps from a disco I have never seen any gospel group get so close!!!!

Then the magic happend in the form of Ms. Naomi Shelton and The Gospel Queens! She was assisted down to the stage and WOW! Brooklyn can be very proud of this Lady!!!Here is a clip from a few nights later in Brussels,
My friend did take videos of the night we were there but he has not sent them to me yet, but this is the group traveling with her currently, on  their European tour, Amsterdam was the first city on the tour...When she did "A Change is gonna Come""Sam Cooke anyone " she brought the house down.....

I was really amazed at her stage presence and the Dutch loved her I am sure all of Eroupe will embrace her, as they did that night...She was so amazing she really took me home for one night.....I fell in love.....When she did this I was was lost!!!

Please keep up with her I am sure there will be more posted on You tube of the Eroupean trip so check her out.....

Now here is the Clincher, Naomi was not tthe closing act!NO NO the closing act was the Harlem Gospel Choir....and the first thing the Choir director said after the first song was "Not everyone from New York is from Harlem" !" We are from Brooklyn"!!!!! Now I wasssss really confused!!!! Is the Harlem Gospel Choir from Harlem or Brooklyn? Then they procceeded to try and take me back to that scary place!!!Jazzlovers I am not saying they were not good! but I was not at a Revival!!!and I was not up to a guilt trip at a concert,and that is when people started to leave including the way only the Dutch singers and Naomi had mention on the morning news the next morning....I am truly trying to find news on the rest of the i said the Dutch knows music!!

Jazzlovers there will be more on Amsterdam in the next couple of post as there is lots to tell...My Birthday was one of the best I have ever had, The Dutch know how to relly say happy birthday, they made it very special! (but that's a whole nother story) too be continued!

Until then have a very Happy Holiday and a Wonderfully Happy New Year..Jazzlovers..You are Loved.

Keep the beat...

DW Jazzlover

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Power of Now and Plato or What's Love Got to Do With It?

A State Of Mind

Another Beautiful Day In Bahrain

Hello JazzLovers,

A lot of my friends and I have been having conversations about life and love! I have noticed that in the conversation we have been talking about the past or what would they would like in the future but nothing about right now....We dwell in ramifications of past events or create future events in our minds, anything to keep us out of right now....when we do this we are missing a beautiful time ! we are missing right now..... We are missing the beauty of ourselves just as we are now..until we get intouch with who we really are, we will never know love!

In this search for love we often lose ourselves, Sister Toldja in her blog helped me to put into words the things I have been thinking of., we give our power to others and then live reliving the ramifications of those decisions and when not doing that we plan our future loves and create a dream situation for that love which is imposible to achieve..That is because most of us are in love with the idea of love! We really have no idea of what love really is...Trust me on that one! We go into relationships looking at the end of that relationship!

In Plato "The Symposium" (One of my favorite reads) it is stated " Love has no parent!", that hit me as truth! Every other emotion has a parent and can be taught and described, Anger, hate, sadness, heartache, and pain  we can describe! But ask someone to describe Love! everyone can tell you what love is like, but no one can describe what love is....Plato got it right! I recommend reading the book.....

Jazzlovers as you know by now I never comment  on the picture I use here but they all have a message...I pass this trash can everyday and it amazes me that trash is placed everywhere but where it should be...Isn't that a lot like what our lives are like? One of my favorite bloggers Kellybelle (Emhpatha) spotlights depression and I respect her highly for this....but I am a solution based person, we can not keep talking about the problem without talking about the solution! (we must put the trash in the trash can) Cleaning 101! Depression is real and the ramifications can be the lost of a beautiful soul like Korean model Daul Kim, 20 this week in paris..

You know Jazzlovers it is still about the Music, yet at the same time are we really listening to the music? I am so grateful to my 9th grade English Teacher Mr. Floyd Coleman, he really brought me to this moment....We clashed the first day of class!!!!!!!(for reasons I will go into in a future blog because it truly is a part of my story) But it was a weekend assignment, we were Conjugating ! verbs and he gave each of us on Friday a word to completly conjugate on Monday!!!!Everyone in the class got easy words, He gave me the verb "to be"( can any of you conjugate it now?) now Jazzlovers I lived in the Country and we were not allowed in the library in those days, but it was no way I was going to class on Monday without knowing how to conjugate that  word!!! (Ramifications of things past) it's importance today is that the first conjugation (1st person present) of the word to be is "I Am"! Powerful message,Now is very important.

Jazzlovers let yesterday only be a reference book! The future will take care of it's self and living in the now is the most beautiful place to be....Right now please just stop thinking for a moment, just breath,feel your breath, now listen to sounds around you, identify them all, look around you what do you see? don't think about it, don't analize it, just see or hear it,place no thoughts on it,just be!Feel the stillness in yourself! Isn't it beautiful? That is the real you.......and in that moment there is clarity. At this moment I remember the poem "If" I first read this poem in the 8th grade...Thanks Mr. Sibley..

Jazzlovers when you get to that quiet place, when you experience the stillness, when you are intouch with your core, there you will find you ! Then you are ready for love, for you will Recognize The beauty of the Universe and your unique place in it...You will Know love............This would be the perfect place to put Nancy Wilson singing " I have never been to me" but darnit I can not find it on You Tube.........But i did find it by the Temptations so enjoy!!

The Creator of this universe does not make Mistakes so why spend time thinking of things you are not instead of Celebrating all the wonderful ways you are you !!!!! And Jazzlovers that's "What loves got to do with it" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Jazz Lovers until next time....
Keep the beat!!!!

DW Jazzlover...

P/S Kellybelle, I am looking for a poem I wrote when I was totally lost in Depression that I want to share with you, but alas it is not wanting to be found..It is also the title of my book " Screaming in a sound proof booth" !
PP/S Dubai It Girl, Thank you, you were the inspiration for this blog entry.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dubai Fashion Week 2009 Showing Studio Kalid Spring Summer 2010

Dubai Fashion Week

Studio Kalid

Hello Jazzlovers,

Another Beautiful day in Beautiful Bahrain.

Well jazzlovers we have just returned from presenting our collection at Dubai fashion Week and as you can see from the below links, we looked very good..Just click on Studio Kalid..

It was my first Fashion show and I learned a lot of interesting bits of information, it takes a lot of orginazation to carry off the wonderful illusion of seemless glamor,Salina did a fantastic job!!(Thanks Salina) From this date forward Models have gained my upmost respect...believe me when I say they are not just beautiful, Models are smart and very intelligent Women...they really have to be.We used for music, Randy crawford and Joe Sample's version on Nina Simone's "See Line Woman" and Jazzlovers it was perfect! I wanted to add it here but alass their version is not here is Nina!

And Jazzlovers here is a live version.

And while we are Nina just alittle more!! Jazzlovers.Just for a little celebration of a successful Fashion Week!!!

An Interview with Our Desidner....Kalid

Well Jazzlover, time to go but Dubai Fashion Week was wonderful,

So until Next time,

Keep the beat,

DW JazzLover

JazzLover Fashionistas Our fashions are available on line,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Better Late than Never Little Jimmy Scott

Place St. Michael Paris

Hello JazzLovers,

A Beautiful Autum Day In Beautiful Bahrain.

There are Entertainers that are sometimes seen as forgotten, or people will say they missed there chance. Not so in the case of Little Jimmy Scott, a man with a truly beautiful sound.I have all of his music and my Dear Cuz brought him to mind recently, so he is the Soul Artist for this weeks blog. ( Thank you LoJo).Little Jimmy Scott was born 1925, and has had a rough time to the top, check out this  next cut, which I love and I am sure Nancy Wilson does too.

Jimmy Scott first rose to national prominence as "Little Jimmy Scott" in the Lionel Hampton Band when he sang lead on the late 1940s hit "Everybody's Somebody's Fool", recorded in December 1949 was a top ten R&B hit in 1950. Credit on the label, however, went to 'male vocalist', a slight to his talent and a blow to his career. A similar professional insult occurred several years later, when his vocal on "Embraceable You" with Charlie Parker, on the album "One Night in Birdland", was credited to female vocalist Chubby Newsome.(Wikipedia)

In 1963, it looked as thoughJimmy Scott's luck had changed for the good. Signed to Ray Charles's Tangerine label, he recorded under the supervision of the great man himself, creating what is considered by many to be one of the great jazz vocal albums of all time, Falling in Love is Wonderful. Owing to obligations on a contract Jimmy had signed earlier with Herman Lubinsky, the record was yanked from the shelves in a matter of days, while Jimmy was honeymooning . 40 years later this cult album became available to the public again. Jimmy disputes the 'lifetime' contract; Lubinsky loaned Jimmy out to Syd Nathan at King Records for 45 recordings in 1957 & 58..(Wikipedia)      (1955 Imagination)

Another legendary masterpiece, the album The Source (1969), on which Jimmy sings as intensely as ever, was denied a release until 2001..(Wikipedia)        (If you only Knew recorded 1956)

Scott's career faded by the late 1960s and he returned to his native Cleveland to work in a hospital and as an elevator operator in a hotel..(Wikipedia)  ( Please Forgive Me' recorded in 1956)

In spite of everything his talents were reconized and he is being celebrated today just as he deserves.This next cut was one of my favorites as a child in 1955, "Someone to watch over me. "      (1955)

This next cut is one of the songs I love both by Jimmy Scott and TV Mama ( I am still collecting music by her, until I get enough for a future blog) Jimmy has one of the most  unique voices I have ever heard , so Jazzlovers enjoy. "All Of Me" Live in Tokyo 2000.

And Jazzlovers my absolute Favorite by Jimmy Scott, "Slave to Love"here is a live version, it is also on the album "Holding Back the Years"

Musicians Like Jimmy Scott who beat the odds and come out on top,gives all of us hope and encourages us not to give up ever...No matter how bad the winter, there is always the spring!!!
All of his music is now available and would be a good idea to collect it now because it is something you will want to have in the future. Jimmy Scott is still here after 65 years as an Entertainer and lives now in Las Vegas, so give him a shout out when you are there visiting.Let him know he is appreciated.

Well Jazzlovers until next time,

keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

'Him that I love, I wish to be free, even from me "

Iris in Paris

Hello Jazz Lovers,

Another Beautiful Day I Bahrain,

A Lot of my friends and fellow bloggers are talking about relationships and letting go, including me. Well today one of my Dearest Friends Alan from Down under, You know Australia, sent me this poem and I just thought it was beautiful. I am not going to speak of anything else because I don't want to take away from the Poems beauty. So Jazz lovers  enjoy.

'Him that I love, I wish to be free
even from me'

What a shame it is that some of us haven't heard this before.
It would have made things so much easier.
How far can you go?
It all makes sense now;
blinded by my desire to be close with someone.
I misread all the clues
that were there all along;
how can you expect to love
if you don't give freedom?

Absolute control won't make you calmer
it will make you paranoid;
and paranoia spreads quickly from you to me,
and it all starts making sense.
If you're prepared to do that,
what else are you ready to do?
I'd love to know,
but somehow I think it's better
if I don't find out.


It is the truth Jazzlovers.....Well Alans Poem started me to thinking of Dakota Staton, so these are my recommendations this week."The Album is the Late, Late Show" Misty.

I thought about you " Miss Dakota Staten Live"

Let Me off Up Town  From Dynamic Dakota

And one more Shirley Horn with Miles Davis, "You Won't Forget Me" I love this Cut!!!Jazz at it's best.

Shirley Horn Playing "Blue in Green" By Miles Davis,

Well Jazz lovers Until Next time,

Keep the Beat..

DW Jazzlover

Monday, September 14, 2009

September Birthdays and an Oboe and an Ex or as Dinah says September in the Rain

The Jardin des Tuileries Paris

Hello JazzLovers,

Another Beautiful Day in Bahrain.

Ah September! I came into being because of September!(I can not believe I didn't know what an Oboe was!)September is a very emotional month for me, I have to always reflect in September, you see Jazz Lovers my Mother and Father were born in September, and I am a Love Child!! No ( don't Go There) they were married when I was born, matter of fact they had been marrried 7 years before I was born and divorced 2 years after I was born but never fell out of love with each other.That is how I know I am a love child, ( Private confessions from both of them)that is an interesting weight to carry. What did they do take one look at this mystery they had produced and said we can't do this again! And jazzlovers belive me when I say I was a mystery to my Parents! (Ok to smile here)

As I said Jazzlovers this blog writes it's self, I can be thinking of writing something but when I start My head just goes somewhere else.I had planned to write!(News Bulletin Studio Kalid Has made Dubai Fashin Week!!!!)God is so good...My head is so full until I need to start another Blog!!!!I just got the call from Kalid.............In Dubai! and then you will understand, Aiwa!!!I have the biggist smile on my face...

Now where was I?Ah The Mystery, My Mother is September 12, My Father September 19, and My Lovely Sister September 19, and My Ex September 15, today! My Exxx times 2, September 4, and they are the only 2 exes I have ever truly loved, can someone explain this picture to me?..Ah That September!In The Rain!

Love is the stranges thing, ( as I said September is a very emotional month for me).My Exxx times 2 and I are the best of friends but we were friends before we became lovers,( I am having a fantastic time finding music to go with this one!)so this was a natural progression. But do I send a birthday message to the last ex?( because I am still having computer problems!!!)I have never loved anyone as much as these two people, and I do really only want the best for them..(but I can not stand a liar) (grown folks don't have to lie!Enough of that) But Dammit I still love! Maybe I am beginning to understand my parents.

Well Jazzlover Until Next time ( I need to thinK)

A Little of old school, when I was about 15 years old I use to sneak into Club Matinee on weekend to hear this man! Enjoy Brooke Benton

The Oboe is important! I will continue with that because it is!!!!

Keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover.

For some reason Jazzlovers Blogger is not allowing the links to activate! Help!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bitter Sweet Memories of Home Town Greats and Family

Another Hot Humid and Beautiful Day In Bahrain

Hello Jazzlover,

It has taken me a little while to process my feeling about my cousin Claude, I always knew he was out there some where and I am sure he still is.Love U Cuz.

This has truly been a bittersweet time for me, bitter for losing him and sweet because of writing about it in my blog, I have found My Cousin his Sister...after all these years. I guess there is some joy in all things. I have also found anothe 1st cousin that we had lost touch with each other almost 20 years ago, that has been a true joy! LoJo and I have kept this computer hot playing katch up!!!!

There will be more on that later, but I had been having serious trouble writing because of all the things going on in my head concerning my Fathers Family, I needed some healing time. ( Damn I almost Lumped up my Cornmeal mush!! I am making Hot tamale pie for dinner) But that is another story for another time...
Families are amazing!!

As I have said this blog is finding it's voice,it's song,it's beat, and it's tempo so I am not surprised where it goes sometimes Jazzlovers and this one is no different..LoJo is back reading my blog and offers wonderful feed back. She was reading the one about home town talent and our greats like Phil Phillips, and instead of telling you about I am going to post her email to me on shared memories. I think by posting the letter in it's complete will help you to understand Bitter sweet memories. This blog is really about the music.
Here is the email: and I will be back at the end!!!Jazzlovers enjoy

Phil Phillips..... et al

The Sea of Love=when I hear that song I think about young lives lost and fortunes stolen. Phil ate in Miller's Cafe almost daily-of course, never on Sunday. He had a son who was an addict........don't know what happened to him. I was not far enough along in my own Christian journey to know that we were to try to rescue our brother's and sister's whenever possible.

I have seen many stars as Bubba Lutcher(Nellie's brother and local DJ as I know you remember) would bring them all to to the cafe to eat. I remember Otis Redding having red beans and rice a couple of weeks before he died in the plane crash. See this is why I don't understand why a landmark like Miller's Cafe was recently demolished by the city of LC. No one cares about our history. We can only preserve our memories in our minds. We do have pictures of the restaurant in the early years. My sister has them as she inherited the big house and all therein. We had a drag queen called Esquerita. Don't know if you remember that diva.

I am sure you remember the old Dixie Theatre. White folks have bought it and use it as their local playhouse. You know if they bought into that neighborhood that they have plans. They are going to get all that land for redevelopment. It has already started since they have flattened everything on our end of Enterprise Blvd. I wonder if the Cab Shack survived? Pryce's Rx did as far as I know.

Anyway, obviously I read your older blog. So much soul.

Music is Soul Pleasure


And Jazzlovers This was my reply...

Cuz you brought tears to my eyes, and it is written so well now I know why I have not been able to write!! May I post your letter as this weeks blog? I think you said it sooo well!
And of course I remember Esqureita, and a Diva she was!!! They don't make them like that any more....Phil was also the Uncle of Cheryl, I know you remember her, she is my adopted sister, we grew up together! Small world...I know you remember Katy Webster , and I don't know if you knew Bubba Lutcher has a son by my stepfather's sister.
I think I will add some Nellie Lutcher to this blog.

The amazing thing is Katy was to be on that plane,
Love D

Well Jazzlovers until next time Keep the beat.

Never try to explain love!!!

DW Jazzlover

Monday, August 10, 2009

Claude Purdy Thank you for your Gift Cuz

Rest in Peace My Dear Cuz..He Left here August 3 2009
Hello JazzLovers,
This is a bittersweet day here in Beautiful Bahrain..
Claude Purdy was my 1st Cousin, the only Son of my fathers youngest Brother,I only met 3 of my Fathers Brothers. I knew the oldest Brother ( Who I dearly loved)and Claude's Father, the youngest,( I will leave it at that).Those brothers I truly did not understand, but the oldest was a wonderful person, and I had the chance to spend a couple of great summers with he and his wife.
I didn't met Claude until I was in Jr.High 1957, the year he graduated high school. I t was at his High School Class Play (Boston High) that I first saw him. Claude was the lead and he was fantastic! I was fascinated by him. Oddly enough the reason I was at the graduation was not because he was graduating but because 2 of my Moms Nieces were graduating! (I Told you those brothers were intriguing)
But that night I really amazed by his acting in that play( If anyone remembers what the play was please send it to me.)His energy level was fantastic, then after his graduation I have never seen him ever again, ( Yes I have tried to find him and only found information in 1997)Although trying to find my other cousins I found Eve and she had kept all the clipping of his climb to fame.
Claude became a Famous Director/Actor, traveled to New York, Paris and then on to the Penumbra Theatre as co-founder who was also instrumental in the career of August Wilson, who died October 2005. They were most noted for Claude Direction August Wilson's great plays about African American Culture. They are most noted for the following 9 plays set in different time periods.
( Thank you Wikipedia)

1900s - Gem of the Ocean (2003)
1910s - Joe Turner's Come and Gone (1988)
1920s - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (1985) - set in Chicago
1930s - The Piano Lesson (1990) - Pulitzer Prize[3]
1940s - Seven Guitars (1995)
1950s - Fences (1987) - Pulitzer Prize[3]
1960s - Two Trains Running (1991)
1970s - Jitney (1982)
1980s - King Hedley II (1999)
1990s - Radio Golf (2005)
I unfortunately Never had the pleasure of seeing any of his work and as I said I have not seen him since 1957. But there is an ache in my heart and I do grieve because I never had the chance to thank him face to face. You see Claude Jr,(As he is known in the family)is who was my inspiration to do better, he was the one that let me know I could, he was the one that let me know there was more out there, I just had to work for it...I did tell him in emails though he never replied I do know he got them and for that I am grateful. I actually sent one the day he died because he was on my mind!!
So Jazzlovers just know life is short and we really need to listen to the beat, and let people who are important to you, that you care.....Love is the greatest gift. If you want love then give love.
And if you are angry or upset about anything or any one !!Remember that on a highway to San Fransisco 50 years from to day who is going to give a damn?
Thank you Cuz..
My Thoughts are with you Jackie( Jacquelyn)...and You Dear Jacqui Shoholm Purdy thank you for the replies...
Lets go out today JazzLovers with a little Louisiana and Katie...It is home...
Keep the beat Jazzlovers
DW Jazzlover...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Love and Woolworths Bargin Bin

A Carpet

Hello Jazz Lovers

A Beautiful Hot Dusty Day In Bahrain..

When I went out on my own for the first time in my late teens, I went to work in Downtown Houston, I lived in Downtown Houston and went to school in Downtown Houston and it was an exciting time to be young...I walked everywhere I went except on weekends to see my Mother...then I took the bus. I was discovering everything, the theater, the symphony, Jazz Clubs, Dance clubs, and shopping!!! And I discovered Della Reese ! and believe me I was hooked. I had nothing but I had everything I needed...I was happy......

I have always loved Junk Shops and found an old portable Magnovox record player, took it apart and covered it with contact paper and was in heaven ! I know I drove my next room neighbor crazy with Della Reese on vinyl 33 1/3!!! This is also the time I discovered Woolworth's bargin bin, record albums were 1 dollar and some 3 for a dollar, (some of those albums are worth a fortune now)I bought any cover that looked interesting, and of course the people I knew, even Areatha was there...I found a copy of Unforgettable: A Tribute to Dinah Washington which had been issued under Columbia Records in 1964. It is still one of my favorites. Here are a couple of cuts from that album.

Then Jazz lovers I found this from 1960, did I mention that I was a hopeless Romantic at that time(I still am)so I was truly into love songs as I waited to fall in love....Aretha did some wonderful work at Columbia it is sad it did not get the reconition it should have, but now is what's important. This next song I played over and over and over , I am sure if any of my friends at that time ever here these songs today, especially this one I know they think of me I am sure I drove them crazy!!! Cissy Houston is cutting up in the background!Aretha really worked it before going to Atlantic and soaring to current fame and this next song is what really set it off!!!!...., but I was in love with the flip side, Both sides went to number one!!!

The wonderrful thing about shopping in Woolworth's bargin bin is that I discovered some fantastic singers, This next Lady I bought just because I liked the cover of the album and boy was I surprised!!!, We were moving into the 70's and Camille Yarbrough "But It Comes Out Mad" from the album "Iron Pot Cooker" released in 1975 stayed on the player it seems forever...I have just reordered it on CD..This I truly recomend you get this one Jazzlovers>>>It was issued on Vanguard Records.. I must say here that there are some very cutting edge cuts on this album that are not posted here but well worth hearing. Here is another cut from the album...
This whole CD now is very thought provoking, highly recommended...OK Just one more!!!
Another Album I discovered in Woolworth's bargain bin was Zulema 1972, "If This World Were Mine" became my new favorite and I listened to this Album for hours and still Love it... The other cut I was was mesmerized by was This one...
As I said JazzLovers This was a special time in my life, and writing this blog brings all my friends and happy times back into my life! So enjoy!!
P/S I also found and discovered Gill Scott- Heron In that Bin!!!!It was a wonderful time to be young and set my adventure into exploring new music for life! so enjoy this new journey.
Until Next time Jazzlovers
Keep the beat.....
Love feels better than hate.
DW JazzLover
P/S An Interview with James Moody,For My Bahrain readers, He will be here in Bahrain 10 August 2009 at The Cultral Center. Check it out Jazzlovers

Saturday, July 25, 2009

E.Lynn Harris 20 June 1955 - 23 July 2009 R.I.P

A Day in Bahrain.

Hello Jazzlovers

My Favorite Writer Died Yesterday, Mr E. Lynn Harris, I really admired his writing and his life.

I met him years ago in a Houston After Hours Dance Club, and he was an energetic young man at the time, and judging from the comments on other blogs he never lost that. May he rest in Peace, He will be missed.

One of his best works was his auto biography " What Becomes of The Broken Hearted"it was truly inspired, it erased all excuses the masses use today to convince themselves they can not make it in life because of their past. He did not let life get him down..

He wrote of real life and self deception, of how society will attempt to make you live a lie, in order to maintain their own comfort zone in their own lies...E. Lynn Expossed the inside of why people need self decption.. Everyone in his books were human, with human frailties that made them act the way they did, non were evil, just misguided by our society...

No other author except for Brother James Baldwin has been able to expose so much raw emotion and realisim in each of his charaters in every one of his offerings...In E.Lynn"s Offering, just as in Brother Baldwin you had no choice but to see yourself.. And for that I am grateful...Now a way to say goodbye..

Todays Blog is my tribute to a wonderful Humanist, Mr. E. Lynn Harris R.I.P

Well JazzLovers if you have not read any of his books please start with " Invisible Life" and work your way through all eleven books to the last one "Basket Ball Jones"

Until next time Jazzlovers,

Keep the beat .

DW Jazzlover

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Man In The Mirror a Way to Say Goodbye

A Canal At Night

Hello Jazz Lovers,

An at Home day in Bahrain

I have been trying to write for a week now, but it just would not come out. Nothing felt right,

now I know why. This blog writes it's self and this is what it wanted to say today..

I have just finished watching the Michael Jackson Memorial and it was well done and very

movingly dignified. While watching it I remembered something I had written in July 1993, while
visiting Amsterdam (Yes My favorite city) I do a lot of thinking when I am there.

But tonight the poem I wrote came back to me and I have no idea of why I wrote it. But today
Seemed like a good time to publish it as a tribute to Michael.

WE Were All Children Once

So many things are done "for the children".

We were all children once .

Look at us today!

Good Believers yet!

Yet a child lays hungry in the streets!

Old Folks dying alone!

We were all children once.

What are you teaching yours?

What you say or what you do?

We were all children once yet,

What is true ?

What we do or what we say we do?

I will never me say a bad thing again about,

Michael Jackson.

Dangerous---Will you be there?

It's a shame,

We Were all children once,

We are all Gods children yet!

I am making my change today, I am going to keep the promise I made July 1993.

Thank you for helping me to grow a little more Michael, I am stepping out on faith.

Michael no matter what you think of him was the Greatest Entertainer of All Time.

Well Jazz Lovers I just had to say it.

Until next time Keep The beat.

DW JazzLover.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Memory Lane is a Long and Winding Highway

Moss Bluff

Hello Jazz Lovers,

A very hot and dusty beautiful day in Bahrain.

Today I am taking a slow walk down memory's highway, (Too old for a stroll down memory lane)I am now realizing that none of us have a choice in where we were born or who we were born. But we do have a choice in who we are today.

Moss Bluff will always be the place that helped shape my love for music and dancing,(it was not allowed) Sothern living had so many things that were not allowed. Dancing in certain areas of my childhood was definitly not allowed. So we loved to dance!!! There were two known record players in our area,45 rpms,in Moss Bluff while we were in grade school. Eva Lois and Janice, Eva Lois was invited to all grade school parties.....mostly birthdays. At Janice's is where we learned the 6-2-6, which was the precurser to the electric slide (no sugah there is nothing new).

The slop was done to this next cut which was the precurse to the Moon Walk.....

In High School there was the forbidden DANCE!!! The slow drag! Now I know some of you do not know what that is but as Gladys Knight Said " You touched your partner"!" Didn't have to look for them" She says it very well here, but at that time music was about falling in love with the idea of love.... The beautiful thing about slow dancing was if you were in love! you could touch in public (but not too close) it was wonderful it was a magic time.... If you wanted to fall in love,or wanted to get close to someone,if you thought you wanted to fall in love!!! Slow dancing was a way to be close,,,,,there will never be a more beautiful time...

On this song you would do The Slow Buggie ! Now how many of you remember that one???

Moss Bluff was a wonderful place to grow up....

Well Jazz lovers I would like to leave you with one of the most beautiful peices of music ever written... Mr. Erroll Garner Playing " Misty"

Until the next time Keep the beat and remember Love is the all things..

DW Jazzlover..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Joe Jackson August 29 1958--June 25, 2009

Hello Jazz Lovers

It is a Beautiful and Sad Day Here in Bahrain,

We lost a very talented and troubled soul today, Michael was and is very admired and loved here in Bahrain, and will be missed. His music will live on and he is guaranteed his place in Music History.

Rest in Peace Michael

DW JazzLover

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pinto Beans and Gospel and The Barrett Sisters

Notre Dame Paris

Hello Jazz Lovers,

A beautiful Hot Day In Bahrain.

I know you are wondering what pinto beans and gospel have in common, well they are both feed the soul. On Wednesday I was craving pinto beans and here in Bahrain it is a travel to get the right ingredients, but I found them and put them on to cook. I did not get to eat until after 10 pm and they were truly comfort food.In the mean time an interesting thing happened, I decided to read my home town news paper,( The Lake Charles American Press) and my favorite food columnist(Gin) was doing a column, and you guessed it! Pinto Beans! So With a smile on my face I sent an email because this was beyond coincidence! You can read it in her next column Wednesday 17 June 2009.

Now Jazz Lovers, the connection of pinto beans and gospel kinda goes like this. I was on You Tube looking at comedians for today's blog and somehow found gospel instead, this on the same night as the pinto beans. Now you know I loves me some gospel!And after eating I was up all night I just could not sleep! While listening to the next song, I got a little full and you Southerners know what I am talking about, take a listen: now this is true gospel and all the people in the room are some of the greatest gospel singers that ever lived! There sitting in the center of the group was the Great Barrett Sisters! They are Rodessa Barrett 80 , Billie Barrett 81 , Delois Barrett 83 I think this month and still going strong. Now here is the same song with the Great James Cleveland on the piano. ( He is Playing on Aretha's Amazing Grace Album) This clip had to be mid to late 80s because he died in early 1991. The First Soloist on this clip is Delois Barrett and the second is her sister Billie Barrett, enjoy because they don't make music like this anymore. Of course I can not leave this place until I give a little taste of THE ORIGINAL GOSPEL HARMONETTE'S MILDRED HOWARD.

Now today's blog is not about Religion Jazz Lovers it is about the music and my love of music. Two of my favorite things as a child was pinto beans and Randy's Record Shop Nashville Tennessee, after 8 pm on Sunday nights, ( There were a lot of sleepy Monday mornings at school) and my love of both are still with me today...I was so happy when transistor radios came into being, I would lay with my head hanging out of the window to listen to this music. (Smile) The other thing I knew is when and what day all the different Aunts and neighbours would cook pinto beans and I would find something to do for them that day to insure I got some of them! One thing good about Louisiana is in those days if you were at someones house and it was time to eat they would feed you! They took pride in their cooking, believe you me!!!!! I realize life was very simple and wonderful.

The Barrett sisters have been singing for over 60 years, Delois before starting with her sisters sang with The Roberta Martian singers , then joined her sisters in the 1940s and their journey has taken them around the world. I am grateful to the You Tube community for keeping this music alive. This clip is from the documentary "Say Amen Somebody", This is my favorite song by anyone but the Barrett sisters nailed it. James Cleveland does a wonderful version also.( Check it out)
Now on this next clip please check out the Piano Player, His name is Charles Pikes and he is just fantastic..... The Barrett Sisters sing feel good music and Charles Pikes is so good on that piano!! I think he has done a tribute to James Cleveland Cd and I Will try to find it and feature it here folks... just one more Barrett Sisters please! Oh Well OK... See Why I love Pinto beans and Gospel music it is soul food...

On a serious note Jazz Lovers, with all the things going on in the world, I am so glad I have been able to keep my heart right and I want you to think about something very serious here about Gods love. Lest we forget every man, women and child, no matter what place they live in this world right now are supposed to be here. God does not make mistakes, and when you hate and work at destroying people because of the color of their skin, or where they come from, or what they believe, you are saying you know better than God. And your claim to loving God is voided. I love this song it is so true!

Well Jazz Lovers I will leave you with 2 songs to think about and remember there is a lot of truth in music and as my mother said "as long as you love Pinto beans and God you will never be hungry"Louisiana truth!! Here is Mr. Roy Hamilton 1955,

I think I Will put on another pot of Pinto Beans,

Until then Jazz lovers keep the beat.

DW Jazz Lover

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love and a Crashed Hard Drive I need Amsterdam Rooftops

Hello JazzLovers,
Another Beautiful Day In Bahrain.
I thought this was finished, but alas I was wrong once more. (Remember this blog is still finding its voice, beat , tempo and it's song. ) A couple of weeks ago my Ex crashed my hard drive(computer)I let it go and did not make an issue or get angry, until the phone call and 3&3 added up to 4! That started me to thinking after 1 year and 6 months someone can not let go! and for once that someone is not me!Like the Pointer Sisters I had realized I was living a Fairytale and I have moved on.
I realized I was supposed to be singing Esther Phillips song Misery instead, but I realize I am not the one not moving on and that is sad for my ex, So maybe I should send my ex Esther's song instead of posting it here, but what the hey! Here it is....
But what the ex does not understand is that I do understand and only wish them happiness, life is beautiful, Ms. Randy Crawford says it best for me.....
The wonderful thing about writing this blog is all the great music i love is already researched, and I can just trip down memory lane as i want to. I spend hours just going through different Artist on You Tube, sometime forgetting I am writing(oh have a laugh it feels good) and have to remember what in the hell I was talking about!! Tonight is no different and I have ended up I Louisiana when I stumbled up on My Main Lady, Miss Katie Webster!!!!
This is to you all my Louisiana fans, this is Katie's first recording, it was first released by another Louisiana singer Mr. Phil Phillips in the 1950s and was an instant hit. Trivia for you, Katie Webster (was a child ) she is playing piano on the original Phil Phillips Recording.. you can hear her distinctive sound on the original cut...Another piece of trivia: Phil Phillips name was Phillip Baptiste and he was born 14 March 1931 in Lake Charles.
As a child I would sneak off to the outside of the Bamboo Club to listen to Katie Webster play( I thought she was fantastic) and I still love her music, she can be found on Alligator Records today.
When I was home in the early 80s I was lucky enough to see her at the Doll House a jazz club we had in my home town, she was a real two fisted piano pounding Mama. I have never in my life heard anyone play like her.Katie Webster is one of the Blues Greats in my book....This is the Blues....
Another little Katie trivia, Did you know she was pregnant and missed the flight with Otis Redding the night he died?
Another Favorite Louisiana Musician is the one and only Sidney Simien aka Rockin' Sidney and Count Rockin' Sidney, with studios in Lake Charles, so now lets have some fun::I know you remember this one..
Zydeco is a true Louisiana Music and much loved, here are a few of our favorite Artist: Queen Ida..
Clifton Chenier The greatest:::And this man could really cook,He had a Cafe on Boulevard
I know you are wondering what this has to do with the roof tops of Amsterdam, well that is where I feel free and positive and Loved so I keep those rooftops close in my heart. I had not planned on going to Louisiana tonight but I guess growing up that is where I felt safe and loved and was given values that has taken me around the world and given me a heart that would never crash someones hard drive!!!
And My Favorite song of all time!!!!!! This is the love I am waiting for and I will not settle for less!
Until Next time Jazzlovers,
Keep the beat.
DW Jazz Lover
To My Cuz, Alvin Broussard I await your CD, keep the beat and you are loved.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paris and It is Josephine Baker Day Today 20 May Thank you for the Photo.

Hello Jazzlovers,

It is a very beautiful day here in Bahrain.

I have just returned from a working Vacation in Amsterdam and Paris, I will write about Amsterdam later. Paris I had not seen for a few years and was amazed at the changes, which I will also write about later.

What I do want to write about is Josephine Baker and the fact that even almost 30 years after her death she is still revered in Paris. Her image is everywhere and very often in places of HONER ! She is still a symbol of beauty and grace even school children know who she is, I seriously doubt it is the same at home.

Today 20 May is Josephine Baker Day, so instead of me giving a history lesson I have decided to let her speak for herself. Thanks to all the wonderful people on You Tube who loved her too and they have made my research very easy.All the links today are about her wonderful courage and great heart, her Beauty and her bravery during the war. If you are like me it took me all this week to listen and view all the wonderful videos of her life, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I will continue to remember her and her beauty, she had a fascinating journey.

My and Contributors to You Tube's Tribute:Enjoy

Ms. Josephine Baker

I think Ms. Josephine Baker has spoken very well for herself, and I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. I am so grateful to my mother for making sure as a child I knew who Josephine Baker was. But as a child I had no idea of just how wonderful she was.
I am grateful for my days in Paris to have reminded me of this Gracious Legend, and for their continuous love for her.

One last reminder Jazzlovers we must keep these memories alive for our children to know they are from a beautiful people. The First Superstar!

Until Next time Jazzlovers

Keep the beat,


Friday, May 1, 2009

We are Off to see the Wizard

Hello Jazz Lovers,
A truly beautiful day in Bahrain,
It is break time, so I will be away for a couple of weeks, visiting friends and looking for beauty.
The thought of travel started me to thinking about music that included traveling, back in the day!
Here are some oldies to keep you company, and start you to exploring. I am sure most of you under 40 will not know these !Smile ! the rest of you enjoy the yellow brick road.
Another traveling song> 1973,
One of our Great Ladies left us this year, so while looking for traveling music , I have decided to wish her well in her new journey. Of course I am speaking of our Great Lady Miss Eartha Kitt.
So please take a while to appreciate her, while I pack.
Isn't this great Jazz lovers:
Eartha Kitt will live on in our hearts, What a great Lady.
Well Jazzlovers just one more time:
Sometimes the music, the beat and the tempo must speak for it's self.
Until Next time, I will be back soon.
Jazz Lovers keep the beat
Alan Miss you Buddy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day At Home, Let Your Mind be Free.and Don't PO your Hair !.

Hello Jazz lovers,

Today is Friday and another beautiful day in Bahrain,

I decided to make this day an at home day, and just enjoy. A day made for good music, and piddling around with things. A day for introspection and being alone with yourself,and enjoying the things you like. I am listening to "Sounds of Blackness" right now and the voices are just fantastic in the background allowing me to do other things at the same time! Now do I want to tackle the closets? Humm no too labor intensive for to day, because I want to go for a walk a little later but maybe ? I know I will cook for tonight! once done I will have time for a nice walk and then a nice dinner when I return. That sounds like a plan!
One of the interesting things about giving yourself a day dedicated to you is that you can appreciate your own uniqueness, to free your mind of the outside world completely for a little while. You can be still . Today I did not choose music, I just pulled out randomly and put it in, "Sounds of Blackness just went off and a surprise! The next CD is " Atlantic Rhythm and Blues" 1947 thru 1074 is on now, I had forgotten some of these singers ! Lavern Baker, Ruth Brown,Joe Turner, The Drifters , and more! Sure brings back memories of some good times. My goodness there is Barbara Lynn on now! She had relatives in my neighbourhood she visited when I was a child, do you remember this song? I had forgotten that what amazed people at home was that she played left handed guitar, and the local stations Klou and Kaok played the dickens out of this song...

Now Big Joe Turner Is doing " Shake Rattle and Roll", a song that has strong links to family lore! As the story goes, the song was written at my aunts kitchen table and first performed in Lake Charles in 1954. It is a good story and with all the things going on at that time possibly true,and only one person left in the family to confirm it. I will ask and then I will tell the story at a later date Jazz Lovers. My Mother's first cousin played Sax and Clarinet for Joe Turner's band. The possibility is real.

Another surprise just came on Big Mama Thornton (Willie Mae Thornton) originator of Hound Dog, 1952 check it out! I leave that one to speak for it's self.a day at home speaks to itself anyway. I listened to a lot of wonderful old stuff and tripped down memory lane, to the good times. How often do you do that? It was so easy to go to the good and not the bad times, even those are not so bad ( It is the ramifications I think we remember) in hindsight. Just remember you are a sum total today of all the wonderful things that happened to make you the wonderful person you are today. Listen to
one of my Fav Della Reese "The Games People Play" When I get up in the morning now I always feel something wonderful is going to happen today ! and you know what it does!
Saturday and Sunday were such beautiful days, I got a lot accomplished, even finished a good book, ( read the Tipping Point)some good hours in the gym and today was just as wonderful. Did I mention that I was having a love affair with my hair? and right now it is really POed with me, I vowed to stop cutting my hair at retirement and I did. But there is an old adage the hair that meets scissors is a healthy head of hair! Well last week I decided to have the ends clipped! well that was a mistake because I had just started letting it do what it wanted to do and I was very happy with what it was doing.Well after clipping the ends it has been sulking like crazy and really letting me know it is not happy. I will not do that again if we ever make up! I will keep you posted.
Some exciting news happened today, Studio Kalid is having a contest! The contest is posted on their blog ( it is now linked to this blog as a follower) . The contest is running for the whole month of May so check it out you just might win. The prizes are great.

Well Jazz lovers it is a short one today and I will see you later.

Keep The beat...


Recommendations: Blue Light Till Dawn, by Cassandra Wilson

Nina at the Village Gate , Nina Simone

I am adding just a little History here. Have fun Jazz lovers here is the Blues!!!

Big mama Thornton's last performance;

Here is another version;

Another version with John Lee Hooker;

My Mother's Favorite song!

Another version Sam Cooke;

Howlin Wolf ;

DW Jazz lover