Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Man In The Mirror a Way to Say Goodbye

A Canal At Night

Hello Jazz Lovers,

An at Home day in Bahrain

I have been trying to write for a week now, but it just would not come out. Nothing felt right,

now I know why. This blog writes it's self and this is what it wanted to say today..

I have just finished watching the Michael Jackson Memorial and it was well done and very

movingly dignified. While watching it I remembered something I had written in July 1993, while
visiting Amsterdam (Yes My favorite city) I do a lot of thinking when I am there.

But tonight the poem I wrote came back to me and I have no idea of why I wrote it. But today
Seemed like a good time to publish it as a tribute to Michael.

WE Were All Children Once

So many things are done "for the children".

We were all children once .

Look at us today!

Good Believers yet!

Yet a child lays hungry in the streets!

Old Folks dying alone!

We were all children once.

What are you teaching yours?

What you say or what you do?

We were all children once yet,

What is true ?

What we do or what we say we do?

I will never me say a bad thing again about,

Michael Jackson.

Dangerous---Will you be there?

It's a shame,

We Were all children once,

We are all Gods children yet!

I am making my change today, I am going to keep the promise I made July 1993.

Thank you for helping me to grow a little more Michael, I am stepping out on faith.

Michael no matter what you think of him was the Greatest Entertainer of All Time.

Well Jazz Lovers I just had to say it.

Until next time Keep The beat.

DW JazzLover.