Sunday, July 5, 2009

Memory Lane is a Long and Winding Highway

Moss Bluff

Hello Jazz Lovers,

A very hot and dusty beautiful day in Bahrain.

Today I am taking a slow walk down memory's highway, (Too old for a stroll down memory lane)I am now realizing that none of us have a choice in where we were born or who we were born. But we do have a choice in who we are today.

Moss Bluff will always be the place that helped shape my love for music and dancing,(it was not allowed) Sothern living had so many things that were not allowed. Dancing in certain areas of my childhood was definitly not allowed. So we loved to dance!!! There were two known record players in our area,45 rpms,in Moss Bluff while we were in grade school. Eva Lois and Janice, Eva Lois was invited to all grade school parties.....mostly birthdays. At Janice's is where we learned the 6-2-6, which was the precurser to the electric slide (no sugah there is nothing new).

The slop was done to this next cut which was the precurse to the Moon Walk.....

In High School there was the forbidden DANCE!!! The slow drag! Now I know some of you do not know what that is but as Gladys Knight Said " You touched your partner"!" Didn't have to look for them" She says it very well here, but at that time music was about falling in love with the idea of love.... The beautiful thing about slow dancing was if you were in love! you could touch in public (but not too close) it was wonderful it was a magic time.... If you wanted to fall in love,or wanted to get close to someone,if you thought you wanted to fall in love!!! Slow dancing was a way to be close,,,,,there will never be a more beautiful time...

On this song you would do The Slow Buggie ! Now how many of you remember that one???

Moss Bluff was a wonderful place to grow up....

Well Jazz lovers I would like to leave you with one of the most beautiful peices of music ever written... Mr. Erroll Garner Playing " Misty"

Until the next time Keep the beat and remember Love is the all things..

DW Jazzlover..


  1. I know Im showing my age here, but when I was a teen in the 80s, it was considered very risque for a guy to put his leg between yours while you were dancing. Women werent supposed to let the guys do it, because they thought that doing that made the girls crazy and kinda loose. For the most part, I never understood why. And then one day...with the right guy with the right height...I saw the light!

    And never again!


  2. I am so happy Lola that some one remembers too!!!
    Slow dancing is a LOST ART....
    DW Jazzlover

  3. At Janice's is where we learned the 6-2-6, which was the precurser to the electric slide (no sugah there is nothing new).

    Not long ago I had to remind someone of the same thing, although it was called The Continental (if memory serves me) where I'm from.

    Will read a little more. Hope to find out why you are in Bahrain.

  4. Hello Ms.Hathor, I love Egyption history too..
    What is your blog and where can I find it? You have a great profile..
    Thank you for your comments and yes this is an interesting journey.
    I retired here in Bahrain because I just like the life here, no pressue...I will be writing more about it in time...

  5. Hathor I found your blog it is Right On!