Sunday, September 27, 2009

'Him that I love, I wish to be free, even from me "

Iris in Paris

Hello Jazz Lovers,

Another Beautiful Day I Bahrain,

A Lot of my friends and fellow bloggers are talking about relationships and letting go, including me. Well today one of my Dearest Friends Alan from Down under, You know Australia, sent me this poem and I just thought it was beautiful. I am not going to speak of anything else because I don't want to take away from the Poems beauty. So Jazz lovers  enjoy.

'Him that I love, I wish to be free
even from me'

What a shame it is that some of us haven't heard this before.
It would have made things so much easier.
How far can you go?
It all makes sense now;
blinded by my desire to be close with someone.
I misread all the clues
that were there all along;
how can you expect to love
if you don't give freedom?

Absolute control won't make you calmer
it will make you paranoid;
and paranoia spreads quickly from you to me,
and it all starts making sense.
If you're prepared to do that,
what else are you ready to do?
I'd love to know,
but somehow I think it's better
if I don't find out.


It is the truth Jazzlovers.....Well Alans Poem started me to thinking of Dakota Staton, so these are my recommendations this week."The Album is the Late, Late Show" Misty.

I thought about you " Miss Dakota Staten Live"

Let Me off Up Town  From Dynamic Dakota

And one more Shirley Horn with Miles Davis, "You Won't Forget Me" I love this Cut!!!Jazz at it's best.

Shirley Horn Playing "Blue in Green" By Miles Davis,

Well Jazz lovers Until Next time,

Keep the Beat..

DW Jazzlover

Monday, September 14, 2009

September Birthdays and an Oboe and an Ex or as Dinah says September in the Rain

The Jardin des Tuileries Paris

Hello JazzLovers,

Another Beautiful Day in Bahrain.

Ah September! I came into being because of September!(I can not believe I didn't know what an Oboe was!)September is a very emotional month for me, I have to always reflect in September, you see Jazz Lovers my Mother and Father were born in September, and I am a Love Child!! No ( don't Go There) they were married when I was born, matter of fact they had been marrried 7 years before I was born and divorced 2 years after I was born but never fell out of love with each other.That is how I know I am a love child, ( Private confessions from both of them)that is an interesting weight to carry. What did they do take one look at this mystery they had produced and said we can't do this again! And jazzlovers belive me when I say I was a mystery to my Parents! (Ok to smile here)

As I said Jazzlovers this blog writes it's self, I can be thinking of writing something but when I start My head just goes somewhere else.I had planned to write!(News Bulletin Studio Kalid Has made Dubai Fashin Week!!!!)God is so good...My head is so full until I need to start another Blog!!!!I just got the call from Kalid.............In Dubai! and then you will understand, Aiwa!!!I have the biggist smile on my face...

Now where was I?Ah The Mystery, My Mother is September 12, My Father September 19, and My Lovely Sister September 19, and My Ex September 15, today! My Exxx times 2, September 4, and they are the only 2 exes I have ever truly loved, can someone explain this picture to me?..Ah That September!In The Rain!

Love is the stranges thing, ( as I said September is a very emotional month for me).My Exxx times 2 and I are the best of friends but we were friends before we became lovers,( I am having a fantastic time finding music to go with this one!)so this was a natural progression. But do I send a birthday message to the last ex?( because I am still having computer problems!!!)I have never loved anyone as much as these two people, and I do really only want the best for them..(but I can not stand a liar) (grown folks don't have to lie!Enough of that) But Dammit I still love! Maybe I am beginning to understand my parents.

Well Jazzlover Until Next time ( I need to thinK)

A Little of old school, when I was about 15 years old I use to sneak into Club Matinee on weekend to hear this man! Enjoy Brooke Benton

The Oboe is important! I will continue with that because it is!!!!

Keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bitter Sweet Memories of Home Town Greats and Family

Another Hot Humid and Beautiful Day In Bahrain

Hello Jazzlover,

It has taken me a little while to process my feeling about my cousin Claude, I always knew he was out there some where and I am sure he still is.Love U Cuz.

This has truly been a bittersweet time for me, bitter for losing him and sweet because of writing about it in my blog, I have found My Cousin his Sister...after all these years. I guess there is some joy in all things. I have also found anothe 1st cousin that we had lost touch with each other almost 20 years ago, that has been a true joy! LoJo and I have kept this computer hot playing katch up!!!!

There will be more on that later, but I had been having serious trouble writing because of all the things going on in my head concerning my Fathers Family, I needed some healing time. ( Damn I almost Lumped up my Cornmeal mush!! I am making Hot tamale pie for dinner) But that is another story for another time...
Families are amazing!!

As I have said this blog is finding it's voice,it's song,it's beat, and it's tempo so I am not surprised where it goes sometimes Jazzlovers and this one is no different..LoJo is back reading my blog and offers wonderful feed back. She was reading the one about home town talent and our greats like Phil Phillips, and instead of telling you about I am going to post her email to me on shared memories. I think by posting the letter in it's complete will help you to understand Bitter sweet memories. This blog is really about the music.
Here is the email: and I will be back at the end!!!Jazzlovers enjoy

Phil Phillips..... et al

The Sea of Love=when I hear that song I think about young lives lost and fortunes stolen. Phil ate in Miller's Cafe almost daily-of course, never on Sunday. He had a son who was an addict........don't know what happened to him. I was not far enough along in my own Christian journey to know that we were to try to rescue our brother's and sister's whenever possible.

I have seen many stars as Bubba Lutcher(Nellie's brother and local DJ as I know you remember) would bring them all to to the cafe to eat. I remember Otis Redding having red beans and rice a couple of weeks before he died in the plane crash. See this is why I don't understand why a landmark like Miller's Cafe was recently demolished by the city of LC. No one cares about our history. We can only preserve our memories in our minds. We do have pictures of the restaurant in the early years. My sister has them as she inherited the big house and all therein. We had a drag queen called Esquerita. Don't know if you remember that diva.

I am sure you remember the old Dixie Theatre. White folks have bought it and use it as their local playhouse. You know if they bought into that neighborhood that they have plans. They are going to get all that land for redevelopment. It has already started since they have flattened everything on our end of Enterprise Blvd. I wonder if the Cab Shack survived? Pryce's Rx did as far as I know.

Anyway, obviously I read your older blog. So much soul.

Music is Soul Pleasure


And Jazzlovers This was my reply...

Cuz you brought tears to my eyes, and it is written so well now I know why I have not been able to write!! May I post your letter as this weeks blog? I think you said it sooo well!
And of course I remember Esqureita, and a Diva she was!!! They don't make them like that any more....Phil was also the Uncle of Cheryl, I know you remember her, she is my adopted sister, we grew up together! Small world...I know you remember Katy Webster , and I don't know if you knew Bubba Lutcher has a son by my stepfather's sister.
I think I will add some Nellie Lutcher to this blog.

The amazing thing is Katy was to be on that plane,
Love D

Well Jazzlovers until next time Keep the beat.

Never try to explain love!!!

DW Jazzlover