Monday, September 14, 2009

September Birthdays and an Oboe and an Ex or as Dinah says September in the Rain

The Jardin des Tuileries Paris

Hello JazzLovers,

Another Beautiful Day in Bahrain.

Ah September! I came into being because of September!(I can not believe I didn't know what an Oboe was!)September is a very emotional month for me, I have to always reflect in September, you see Jazz Lovers my Mother and Father were born in September, and I am a Love Child!! No ( don't Go There) they were married when I was born, matter of fact they had been marrried 7 years before I was born and divorced 2 years after I was born but never fell out of love with each other.That is how I know I am a love child, ( Private confessions from both of them)that is an interesting weight to carry. What did they do take one look at this mystery they had produced and said we can't do this again! And jazzlovers belive me when I say I was a mystery to my Parents! (Ok to smile here)

As I said Jazzlovers this blog writes it's self, I can be thinking of writing something but when I start My head just goes somewhere else.I had planned to write!(News Bulletin Studio Kalid Has made Dubai Fashin Week!!!!)God is so good...My head is so full until I need to start another Blog!!!!I just got the call from Kalid.............In Dubai! and then you will understand, Aiwa!!!I have the biggist smile on my face...

Now where was I?Ah The Mystery, My Mother is September 12, My Father September 19, and My Lovely Sister September 19, and My Ex September 15, today! My Exxx times 2, September 4, and they are the only 2 exes I have ever truly loved, can someone explain this picture to me?..Ah That September!In The Rain!

Love is the stranges thing, ( as I said September is a very emotional month for me).My Exxx times 2 and I are the best of friends but we were friends before we became lovers,( I am having a fantastic time finding music to go with this one!)so this was a natural progression. But do I send a birthday message to the last ex?( because I am still having computer problems!!!)I have never loved anyone as much as these two people, and I do really only want the best for them..(but I can not stand a liar) (grown folks don't have to lie!Enough of that) But Dammit I still love! Maybe I am beginning to understand my parents.

Well Jazzlover Until Next time ( I need to thinK)

A Little of old school, when I was about 15 years old I use to sneak into Club Matinee on weekend to hear this man! Enjoy Brooke Benton

The Oboe is important! I will continue with that because it is!!!!

Keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover.

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  1. My my my.......Virgos. Hummmmm!

    Oboe..I am in the dictionary for pun intended...definitions.

    The tongue, aka, two edged sword, is a powerful weapon and should be used with much caution, especially with children or young minds should I say.

    I have no doubt Studio Kalid will shine with vitality at Dubai Fashion Week.

    I feel ya!!

    Love you Cuz.


  2. What's up DW, I saw you over my way. I was putting the final edits on my post. I hope you're well, it's really cool meeting you on these blog things.

  3. I really like your blog,I like the mix you have...I am staying away from Politics here, I want to spread some love!!! Laughing! I will be visiting you often, I really liked todays post.Sag
    Keep the beat!

  4. I understand you aversion to politics. I don't write as often as other bloggers, it can be erratic and angering. I also chose not to go there, Sag. I'm waaaay to self-absorbed. rofl!

  5. Btw, I wanted to share a piece of music with you, it's a club mix. How you enjoy it, let me know.

  6. Thank You, I really like it,very well done, I am not familier with her..

    Here is one you might like from Verve,a remix I heard in Amsterdam in May.They have done the same with Billie and Nina,,

  7. Interesting, oh wow! Dinah Washington. Didn't particularly like the mix, it should be even more progressive, but I'm still feeling it. I had done several post on nostalgia. One featured Bessie Smith in W.C. Handy's St. Louis Blues, to fabulous.

    Also another fav, that I've yet to post is Hallelujah, starring the delicious Nina Mae McKinney, and Daniel L Haynes, they both exuded passion.

    Ms. Mckinney has several clips on youtube that are delightful.

  8. Thank you thaat is wonderful,now that I have found it you are going to have me up all night listening!!!One clip just leads to another(smile)
    Did you see what I did in May for Josephene Baker Day In Paris?

    A Little Nina

  9. You are going to have me up all night!(Smile)
    Check this out!

  10. Hathor thanks for the tip, I am not able to speak computernese yet but I am trying.

  11. Dag, takin care of buz'nis was huge! I've never heard that before. I'd considered doing

    Her French has improved considerably since I'd first heard it.

    I'll have to read your archives, but between your blog, my own and Btx3..... which you'll have to check out, I'm always somewhere on someone's blog when I'm not working.
    Check in and say hello when you get a chance.

  12. btw, youtube should allow for automatic linking just through the embed function from the youtube page. At least you've figured out how to use the html. It took me a moment since I was use to embedding.

  13. RE: The article you've sent me. I posed a similar question about black Conservatives and Republicans. We had a short summit on bt's blog, in an attempt to identify the characteristics in people who profit from creating chaos.

  14. Thanks for the btx3 connection, even though, I plan to keep my blog about the music,but that may change. I do read like you everyone else's blog that has interesting conversations going and I am learning a lot.I now have the time to enlighten my mind(SMILE).
    I really do appreciate your knowledge and of course now the music!

  15. Tafaraji I think you like keeping me up all night! I am now pulling all my Nina out,maybe she will be my next blog, I truly love her music always have....
    Thanks T

  16. Mon ami,I meant to give you this link to read at your leisure. As with most "Negro" films, there was controversy surrounding Hallelujah!

  17. Tafaraji check out the 20 May post.

  18. I read each post in the column. Each one was intriguing. Is there one in particular you wanted me to comment on? Michael Jackson's life was so full of conflict that I erred and said immediately upon hearing that he'd been rushed to hospital, that I hope that his journey had ended. I'd did the same after my brother's extended illness. My instincts kicked in, in a way that, although what I'd said could be received badly, but I knew and felt deeply that sometimes the soul needs a resting place that doesn't exist in this place. It just is what it is.

  19. I trully understand!More than you know..
    Thanks Man.

  20. Thanks for reading Tafaraji, In my blogs I am just letting my head go, The Josephine Baker peice was what I need your opion on.
    I don't want our greats to be forgotten.

  21. Hello D W:

    I'm not sure this is just a reflection on American society, or this is consistent across borders; but, they survived children in the mid-west and most did not know who the first President was. I mean not knowing George Washington was the first President. That reflects poorly not only on the students but the teachers as well.

    Joesphine Baker is remembered by Americans as a novelty. I think many of us here are aware of her. America treated her and many other African Americans who expatriated, badly. It's only fitting that the French continue to honor her for her work during the war.

    BTW, today is Peace day in Cuba; they are out on the fairgrounds, wearing white. The numbers of people is in the hundred of thousands. They say it's 90 degrees and folks are still dancing.

  22. Cuban 'Peace' concert riles some exiles

    Colombian singer Juanes -- a 17-time Latin Grammy winner -- has brought 15 international artists to Havana. He hopes to thaw U.S.-Cuba relations by staging a "Peace without Borders" concert.

    But the reaction in Miami, Florida, home to both Juanes and a large Cuban exile community, has not been entirely peaceful.

    Juanes has received death threats over the concert via Twitter, he said, and his home in Miami is under police protection.

  23. Much appreciated, once more you will have me up all night reading but I love it.
    Thank you

  24. Did you meet one of your ex's when you were fifteen? That Benson song seemed so appropriate.

    Has Blogger improved?

  25. Hathor, No I was 17..
    No I am still trying to work out what happened, I had no problems before but for some reason the links don't work anymore..
    Thank you for your assistance.