Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woolgethering and Musings on a Sentimental Journey with Corn bread


Another beautiful day here in Beautiful Bahrain

Hello Jazzlovers,

Now that I am really practcing living in the now, it is a wonderful place to be but sometimes little things happen that takes me off on another mental journey. I would like to share some of the mental journeys I have been on over the last 2 days... I guess I am on a sentimental journey..

It all started 2 days a go when I visited my favorite watering hole. the Keep is from Ethiopia and once more there were other visitors with her, I started noticing their elegance and the quiet pride in which they carried them selves and it sort of took me back. It took me back to the women I grew up with and how they carried themselves with the same diginity..the senuious sway of the hips, head held high, soft voices,quiet sexuality, that i no longer see amoung my people. When did our women become hotchie's bitches, and hoes? where did I miss the change? I did not let my thoughts stay there to long, tooooo painful!

While sitting there taking my mind off the sad fact of the above, I decided to clear my phone messages and guess what happened my phone just died!!!( I love that phone), now I have alway kept a phone book with everones number written down, until cell phones no one writes down a number anymore, including me! So of course all my contacts are now lost!!!! So first stop a local repair shop, (you have not lived until you have had to deal with people who want your money but don't give a darn about you) where I got the run around big time!! Leave the phone come back in an hour!!!! back in an hour phone still sitting in the same place, come back in 3 days! Ok Why? what is wrong with it?" I don't know come back in 3 days" Ok why what is wrong with it?Then you get the blank look!!! At this point it is just easier to buy a new phone!!Which is the point!

Now this phone was the last link to my Ex as it was a gift, so there is an emotional attachment as well. But the big issue was that I am not attached to gadets, a phone is to make calls only and I have no idea of any other functions so I just know now I was going to be ripped off!!! Because the phone I had is now obsolete!! and all I want is one that my current memory chip fits, should be easy right? No way! I ended up walking about 6 miles to the Sony Erickson head store!!!  Because in my area they just wanted to sell me a phone and how dare I ask questions! What does a memory chip have to do with it!! Here just buy a new chip!!..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! But truly this is not the essence of this post.

I had also recieved an email from my mentor and the person who is responsible for this blog, She was talking about her Mother, and what she was making to tempt her to eat and it made me homesick I could picture the house Minnie grew up in...I also recieved an email from my Cousin telling me what she had cooked for dinner!! double homesick!!!so on my 6mile walk I started thinking about home, and the true beauty of Louisiana. Bahrain is beautiful but I miss trees, I miss green, I miss rain, I miss the night sky and stars!! I miss the accents,I miss the food most of all ! I miss the smells of cooking while walking down the street and knowing exactly what each Family is having for supper,and knowing it was ok to stop by at supper time and to be welcome..  I miss my people!

I walked the 6 miles there and back, it was a wonderful experience because I had the time to just let my thoughts go where they wanted, it was nice to remember all the people, sights,sounds , and smells that make me the person I am today and to realize I really like the person I am today, I have very few regrets and I owe most of it to Moss Bluff, Louisiana and the wonderful village that raised me, but I still have a need to see what is around the next corner, so I will keep moving towards the sun. But in the mean time I right now have a pot of butter beans on the stove simmering and I am making a meat loaf,and rice,then I am headed to the local store for eggs and milk, and will come home an make me an old fashion cornbread and some ice tea and have me a nice Louisiana Dinner with some grat jazz in the background and spend a few moments back home!!!

And then:

Until next time Jazzlovers

Keep the beat.

D W Jazzlover

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2012 To Buy Or Not To Buy The Hype, What Year is it Anyway?

Stained Glass Dubai

There was the most Beautiful Sunset Today here in Beautiful Bahrain,

Hello Jazzlovers,

I am from Louisiana, so I am no stranger to the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown,the believable and the unbelievable, we have a serious reputation for that. And being a possible desendant on Marie Laveaux makes me no different from anyone else in Louisiana. All of this to say I am not a stanger to the paranormal,but I am just a little shocked by the hype being given the world distruction in 2012!Has everyone forgotten the hype of Y2K??? Think about it jazzlovers.....But I also know people believe what they want to believe...But the truth is we have no idea of what year this is!! Everyone on this earth is not on the Georian Calendar or a 12 month year. So if September is the 7th month and October is the 8th month, and November is the 9th month, that would make December the 10th month, what year is this and where did we get the extra 2 monhts? Trivia what are the added months???( of course i am going to tell you).

There was a time that March was the 1st month and December the 10th month,  The months bore the names Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Juniius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December–the last six names correspond to the Latin words for the numbers 5 through 10. The Roman ruler Numa Pompilius is credited with adding January at the beginning and February at the end of the calendar to create the 12-month year. In 452 B.C.E., February was moved between January and March. The Julian Calendar began in  46 B.C.E., when Julius Caesar initiated a thorough reform that resulted in the establishment of a new dating system, the Julian calendar which changed and added July in his own honor... Augustus Caesar clarified and completed the calendar reform of Julius Caesar. In the process, he also renamed the month of Sextilis to August after himself.I think you Jazlovers get my point! 2012 may just not be 2012 or doomsday because the whole world is not on a 12 month Calendar or in the year 2010, Where I live the year is 1431...

I really don't understand all the hype, if you remember all the Art Bell hype that sold radio's and emergency lights and how people stocked up on supplies without thinking about it, makes me very sceptical...I remember the facility I worked for wanting to pay staff $300.00 to be on call, when I pointed out that Y2K would hit Australia  24 hours before us and would give time for action if needed as it was planned , I was looked at like I had lost my mind!!!! and the staff was very happy on payday!

The truth is Jazzlovers none of us know the Master Plan for us, and no man knows the end and we should live everyday as maybe the last,treat others right . I am more worried about these idiots with their hands on buttons than I am about 2012, because I really don't know what year or month it really is!! ( Just had to say it) Being from Louisiana has given me a very healthy belief system as well as a very heavy dose of skepticism about things seen and unseen and that tells me something is happening on this earth but is is not because of the end of the mayan calendar.

Well Jazz lovers until next time
Keep the beat..


Happy New Year...