Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dubai Fashion Week 2009 Showing Studio Kalid Spring Summer 2010

Dubai Fashion Week

Studio Kalid

Hello Jazzlovers,

Another Beautiful day in Beautiful Bahrain.

Well jazzlovers we have just returned from presenting our collection at Dubai fashion Week and as you can see from the below links, we looked very good..Just click on Studio Kalid..

It was my first Fashion show and I learned a lot of interesting bits of information, it takes a lot of orginazation to carry off the wonderful illusion of seemless glamor,Salina did a fantastic job!!(Thanks Salina) From this date forward Models have gained my upmost respect...believe me when I say they are not just beautiful, Models are smart and very intelligent Women...they really have to be.We used for music, Randy crawford and Joe Sample's version on Nina Simone's "See Line Woman" and Jazzlovers it was perfect! I wanted to add it here but alass their version is not here is Nina!

And Jazzlovers here is a live version.

And while we are Nina just alittle more!! Jazzlovers.Just for a little celebration of a successful Fashion Week!!!

An Interview with Our Desidner....Kalid

Well Jazzlover, time to go but Dubai Fashion Week was wonderful,

So until Next time,

Keep the beat,

DW JazzLover

JazzLover Fashionistas Our fashions are available on line,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Better Late than Never Little Jimmy Scott

Place St. Michael Paris

Hello JazzLovers,

A Beautiful Autum Day In Beautiful Bahrain.

There are Entertainers that are sometimes seen as forgotten, or people will say they missed there chance. Not so in the case of Little Jimmy Scott, a man with a truly beautiful sound.I have all of his music and my Dear Cuz brought him to mind recently, so he is the Soul Artist for this weeks blog. ( Thank you LoJo).Little Jimmy Scott was born 1925, and has had a rough time to the top, check out this  next cut, which I love and I am sure Nancy Wilson does too.

Jimmy Scott first rose to national prominence as "Little Jimmy Scott" in the Lionel Hampton Band when he sang lead on the late 1940s hit "Everybody's Somebody's Fool", recorded in December 1949 was a top ten R&B hit in 1950. Credit on the label, however, went to 'male vocalist', a slight to his talent and a blow to his career. A similar professional insult occurred several years later, when his vocal on "Embraceable You" with Charlie Parker, on the album "One Night in Birdland", was credited to female vocalist Chubby Newsome.(Wikipedia)

In 1963, it looked as thoughJimmy Scott's luck had changed for the good. Signed to Ray Charles's Tangerine label, he recorded under the supervision of the great man himself, creating what is considered by many to be one of the great jazz vocal albums of all time, Falling in Love is Wonderful. Owing to obligations on a contract Jimmy had signed earlier with Herman Lubinsky, the record was yanked from the shelves in a matter of days, while Jimmy was honeymooning . 40 years later this cult album became available to the public again. Jimmy disputes the 'lifetime' contract; Lubinsky loaned Jimmy out to Syd Nathan at King Records for 45 recordings in 1957 & 58..(Wikipedia)      (1955 Imagination)

Another legendary masterpiece, the album The Source (1969), on which Jimmy sings as intensely as ever, was denied a release until 2001..(Wikipedia)        (If you only Knew recorded 1956)

Scott's career faded by the late 1960s and he returned to his native Cleveland to work in a hospital and as an elevator operator in a hotel..(Wikipedia)  ( Please Forgive Me' recorded in 1956)

In spite of everything his talents were reconized and he is being celebrated today just as he deserves.This next cut was one of my favorites as a child in 1955, "Someone to watch over me. "      (1955)

This next cut is one of the songs I love both by Jimmy Scott and TV Mama ( I am still collecting music by her, until I get enough for a future blog) Jimmy has one of the most  unique voices I have ever heard , so Jazzlovers enjoy. "All Of Me" Live in Tokyo 2000.

And Jazzlovers my absolute Favorite by Jimmy Scott, "Slave to Love"here is a live version, it is also on the album "Holding Back the Years"

Musicians Like Jimmy Scott who beat the odds and come out on top,gives all of us hope and encourages us not to give up ever...No matter how bad the winter, there is always the spring!!!
All of his music is now available and would be a good idea to collect it now because it is something you will want to have in the future. Jimmy Scott is still here after 65 years as an Entertainer and lives now in Las Vegas, so give him a shout out when you are there visiting.Let him know he is appreciated.

Well Jazzlovers until next time,

keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover.