Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dubai Fashion Week 2009 Showing Studio Kalid Spring Summer 2010

Dubai Fashion Week

Studio Kalid

Hello Jazzlovers,

Another Beautiful day in Beautiful Bahrain.

Well jazzlovers we have just returned from presenting our collection at Dubai fashion Week and as you can see from the below links, we looked very good..Just click on Studio Kalid..

It was my first Fashion show and I learned a lot of interesting bits of information, it takes a lot of orginazation to carry off the wonderful illusion of seemless glamor,Salina did a fantastic job!!(Thanks Salina) From this date forward Models have gained my upmost respect...believe me when I say they are not just beautiful, Models are smart and very intelligent Women...they really have to be.We used for music, Randy crawford and Joe Sample's version on Nina Simone's "See Line Woman" and Jazzlovers it was perfect! I wanted to add it here but alass their version is not here is Nina!

And Jazzlovers here is a live version.

And while we are Nina just alittle more!! Jazzlovers.Just for a little celebration of a successful Fashion Week!!!

An Interview with Our Desidner....Kalid

Well Jazzlover, time to go but Dubai Fashion Week was wonderful,

So until Next time,

Keep the beat,

DW JazzLover

JazzLover Fashionistas Our fashions are available on line,


  1. Hi D,

    You know I am just bursting with pride regarding Studio Kalid and the presentation at Dubai Fashion Week 2009. You guys are truly blessed with talent galore. Thanks for the music references as always.....keep the beat.

    Love You,

    LoJo aka Cuz

  2. Hello DJ,

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Btw, are you on facebook. I'd like to friend you if you are.

  3. We miss you all sooooo much! When are you coming back to Dubai? Thanks for making a link to the interview I did with Kalid. Love you Both!

    Nia B

  4. Hi Tafaraji we are on face book under studio kalid.. I miss you man

  5. Thanks for all you comments on my blog. I was deeply moved by your words concerning the death of Daul Kim. If you want to really see where her head was at, visit her's called "I love to fork myself" @
    I wonder who saw the signs because she always talks about her depression in her blog, but no one helped in time. Anyway, I hopw you and Kalid are well. We miss you both much!

  6. Hi Sugah, Last night's Models night went very well, you were the only thing missing..
    Reading the poem that Daul Kim wrote went straight to my heart...She was a lot deeper than her Beauty and I don't think anyone noticed at all!
    I am new to the fashion World at this level but I am starting to see how easy it is for a beautiful soul to get lost..
    It is really heart breaking..
    Maybe we can start a place where models can feel free to talk to someone who understand.
    Maybe a models online talk space that is safe...This thought is running through my mind!!!
    We have to do something,!!! It is truly sad to lose such a beautiful soul..

  7. Excellent photo!! I'm so charmed with the black tights, looks very sexy!! I want it!!!