Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Power of Now and Plato or What's Love Got to Do With It?

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Hello JazzLovers,

A lot of my friends and I have been having conversations about life and love! I have noticed that in the conversation we have been talking about the past or what would they would like in the future but nothing about right now....We dwell in ramifications of past events or create future events in our minds, anything to keep us out of right now....when we do this we are missing a beautiful time ! we are missing right now..... We are missing the beauty of ourselves just as we are now..until we get intouch with who we really are, we will never know love!

In this search for love we often lose ourselves, Sister Toldja in her blog helped me to put into words the things I have been thinking of., we give our power to others and then live reliving the ramifications of those decisions and when not doing that we plan our future loves and create a dream situation for that love which is imposible to achieve..That is because most of us are in love with the idea of love! We really have no idea of what love really is...Trust me on that one! We go into relationships looking at the end of that relationship!

In Plato "The Symposium" (One of my favorite reads) it is stated " Love has no parent!", that hit me as truth! Every other emotion has a parent and can be taught and described, Anger, hate, sadness, heartache, and pain  we can describe! But ask someone to describe Love! everyone can tell you what love is like, but no one can describe what love is....Plato got it right! I recommend reading the book.....

Jazzlovers as you know by now I never comment  on the picture I use here but they all have a message...I pass this trash can everyday and it amazes me that trash is placed everywhere but where it should be...Isn't that a lot like what our lives are like? One of my favorite bloggers Kellybelle (Emhpatha) spotlights depression and I respect her highly for this....but I am a solution based person, we can not keep talking about the problem without talking about the solution! (we must put the trash in the trash can) Cleaning 101! Depression is real and the ramifications can be the lost of a beautiful soul like Korean model Daul Kim, 20 this week in paris..

You know Jazzlovers it is still about the Music, yet at the same time are we really listening to the music? I am so grateful to my 9th grade English Teacher Mr. Floyd Coleman, he really brought me to this moment....We clashed the first day of class!!!!!!!(for reasons I will go into in a future blog because it truly is a part of my story) But it was a weekend assignment, we were Conjugating ! verbs and he gave each of us on Friday a word to completly conjugate on Monday!!!!Everyone in the class got easy words, He gave me the verb "to be"( can any of you conjugate it now?) now Jazzlovers I lived in the Country and we were not allowed in the library in those days, but it was no way I was going to class on Monday without knowing how to conjugate that  word!!! (Ramifications of things past) it's importance today is that the first conjugation (1st person present) of the word to be is "I Am"! Powerful message,Now is very important.

Jazzlovers let yesterday only be a reference book! The future will take care of it's self and living in the now is the most beautiful place to be....Right now please just stop thinking for a moment, just breath,feel your breath, now listen to sounds around you, identify them all, look around you what do you see? don't think about it, don't analize it, just see or hear it,place no thoughts on it,just be!Feel the stillness in yourself! Isn't it beautiful? That is the real you.......and in that moment there is clarity. At this moment I remember the poem "If" I first read this poem in the 8th grade...Thanks Mr. Sibley..

Jazzlovers when you get to that quiet place, when you experience the stillness, when you are intouch with your core, there you will find you ! Then you are ready for love, for you will Recognize The beauty of the Universe and your unique place in it...You will Know love............This would be the perfect place to put Nancy Wilson singing " I have never been to me" but darnit I can not find it on You Tube.........But i did find it by the Temptations so enjoy!!

The Creator of this universe does not make Mistakes so why spend time thinking of things you are not instead of Celebrating all the wonderful ways you are you !!!!! And Jazzlovers that's "What loves got to do with it" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Jazz Lovers until next time....
Keep the beat!!!!

DW Jazzlover...

P/S Kellybelle, I am looking for a poem I wrote when I was totally lost in Depression that I want to share with you, but alas it is not wanting to be found..It is also the title of my book " Screaming in a sound proof booth" !
PP/S Dubai It Girl, Thank you, you were the inspiration for this blog entry.


  1. Wow D, you went soooooo deep....I am going to re read this one several much to absorb.


  2. D. You have achieved a remarkable occurence, it is rarely I am left speechless.
    The writing here is so very, truly hard hitting yet comforting in it's own way.
    It is true, the present is taken for granted, the future is a mystery and everything in life is a compromise.
    I have read this post several times now and still cannot express in words it's impact.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Inspiring...Thank You - a Great reminder this morning :)

  4. Somehow this blog reminds me of the many conversations my father and one his brothers must have had during their lives...Dad was a Baptist Preacher and his brother was a Philosophy Professor.
    Many would debate if power is given or taken. Example, my new neighbors have company and the company used my driveway without permission to access backyard parking. I decided to wait until the company departs to confront my neighbor regarding what I label as disrespect...which brings me to my so very important respect is in any type of relationship. How intertwined is love and respect? Thanks, really opened food for thought with this blog.

    Love You Cuz.