Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Remarkable Women Who Raised me.

Well hello Jazzlovers

It has been awhile, but I could not let this month go by without giving thanks to these six remarkable women.

If you have been keeping up with me you know I had a traumatic experience when I was six years old and these are the women who healed me. My Aunt Mel {back row third from left} is the only one feft and she will be 99years old next month,She has been wanting to come home for one more visit to our church and since black history at our church is my area, I tried to make that possible. But at the last minute she changed her mind about traveling and in no way was I going to be upset about that! But thanks to technology and my 18 year old neice she was able to speak to the church Live!It was so beautiful and so well recieved! She is the most amazing woman and sounds like a 25 year old girl!!! He diction and clearity on the history of the church had every one in tears and she is funnny as hell! But that's My aunt Mel.       "I know where I've been" Queen Latifah

I came into this family when I was  six, My Father married the Woman on the left back row and although she was only 23 years old she was wise beyond her years and really became my mama!!!!! I did not speak for a year but they were so loving and caring and made no big deal the day I did start speaking..The Beautiful woman in front is my beloved Grand Mother, who I love to hang out with and I liked to cook with her and the day I started speaking she had  left out an ingredient on the dish she was making and  I said" Grandma  you left out the salt" She rplied "You are right baby go ask you mama to send me some" It was no big deal!!
I know some times they wished I had stayed silent! Because after that day they could not shut me up!!LOL
I loved my Grandma! All 5 of her daughters were just as remarkable and I have never been a step child in this Family. My Uncl KC on the right is still my ideal man! He was my best friend and taught me to be a man even though they all knew I walked a different path, I was loved.    " I know where I've been" Alex Newell

These Beautiful People standing there gave me a strong foundation that has taken me around the world and brought me back!! My Grand mother was born ony 20 years after slavery but was the most positive person I knew, and a very firm believer in the truth!!  She set me on the path I follow until today...I never heard her complain about a thing in my life! I am so grateful! I could not let this month go by with out saying Thank you to this remarkable family that made me their own! My Father was a lucky man to marry here.and he knew it. I really don't think all my cousins don't remember or just don't care that I am natural born, I am very included ad as Cousin, uncle,nephew as everyone else! Aunt Mel said sundry I was her favorite nephew!      The Barrett sisters

I know what love is and it is thanks to My wonder family ! I have become the confidant to my same gender loving nieces and nephews and to their parents who are trying to understand thier children! So I am happy for my lessons on love from these remarkable people.

.       Bella Reese  " Being Green"

Well Jazz lovers I leave you  With

A Quote by Dr. John Henrick Clark, sums it up well
(When You lose track of your Heritage, You Lose track of your place in this world!”
The struggle is not over.

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