Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year Jazzlovers

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Hello Jazzlovers,

A beautiful cold day in Beautiful Bahrain.

This birthday I am now officially a senior citizen!!I went from middle age to old age in one day..Now the amazing thing about this change in life is I don't feel it!!Now I know the Mirror can and often does LIE to us..( Just look at how some people leave home dressed!) but I don't think I look it either, but when I was younger and growing up, people the age I am now were old in looks and action, (maybe the mirror does lie..)but I am very busy and active, I go to the gym so I am in pretty good shape for an old man......So I guess my reason for opening this discussion is when do we start being old? Is there a rule book that says our actions must change? I have noticed that people do treat me differently,and I do tend to speak my mind more often than I did in the past!(My Grandmother use to say , (when she let loose a zinger) " I am old enough to say anything I want too" and I think I do understand that now. Hummmmmmm! I think it is because you Recognize BS as soon you see it! That is called experience..

I love fashion and I feel like I have my own style, I don't try to dress and act 21, but since I have crossed that line, is there certain thing I can not wear anymore? I started greying about 25 years ago and I don't color my hair, ( deliver me from bad dye jobs) I love my silver hair and beard,and I do wear glasses but I have quite a collection of fashionable styles ( I have worn glasses from age 12) and I am very comfortable with the styles I choose as they are part of my wardrobe...this is a real debate in my head right now. Is my life supposed to change because of a number?

What I have noticed is that I am developing a love for animal print shirts, bright jewel toned sweaters, and leather pants and jackets but does that mean I am joining the ranks of old men who wear stiped shirts and plaid pants? Do I look ridiculous when I think I am looking good ? Who wrote that book anyway? But the body is looking good and my energy level remain high so I guess I am really am as old as I feel....I did not realize this was a dilemma until I started writing tonight. When I sit down to write I never know where it is going to go...Is that Jazz?

The big question is what about Love???? I do want to love again, that is clear in my heart and my mind but where does love stop coming our way!! I know so many old folks that have given up on love, is that a part of the aging process? This month also marks the 2 year anniversary of my breakup and I have given myself healing what is next I really don't know...But I had a wonderful birthday celebration this year, and will always remember this one..thanks to my friends at Betty Too and The Web....Thank you guys very much....

Well Jazz Lovers that is where my head is as we leave 2009 and start 2010, so go out and get yourself some Live!!!! Because that is just what I am going to do, you see because I am still here and that is what's important....... SO HAPPY NEW YEAR JAZZ LOVERS...

Well Jazz Lovers until Next Year ...

Keep the Beat!

DW JazzLover


  1. Food for thought for all of us I think.
    You always looked mighty fine to me brother!

  2. Well Dear Friend, I am finding out getting old is not for wimps!!!!!Smile

  3. Natural progression should never be tough!

  4. Hey there,

    Age is just a number, however as time goes on our body changes and our steps do get a little slower. Our heart has a numbered amount of beats given that only God knows when it will stop...but until then it's best to live the life in appreciation and gratitude and love! By the way never give up on love, but remember love comes in many forms, not just the one we were sold on in "Romeo and Julie" or "Cinderella." I can live a full life just being around my loved ones whom God has given my blood family and my family of choice, like you and Kalid. So with all of that said...time is relative, but life is infinite and you’re a friend for life!

    Happy Birthday Birdy,


  5. Happy Birthday! And thanks for commenting on my blog. I miss you and Kalid. Maybe we can come there to see you before I go to Paris.


    Nia B

  6. Nia, great fashion blog!When you are in Paris if possible make a side trip to Amsterdam and check out the Fashion Scene there, it is amazing...

  7. Happy New Year to all.

    I have found that your body tells you when you have entered old age. I entered last year even though my official entry isn't to the end of this month.

    That hasn't changed how I think or dress (which is more like someone in their forties).

    I do think the boomer generation expects to find love after sixty, but the problem I think is being able to accept a peer. I think I have found love, certainly fell in love; don't know if there is more.

    Happy Birthday D W JazzLover

  8. Happy Birthday Hathor, and enjoy the love!!!