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Pinto Beans and Gospel and The Barrett Sisters

Notre Dame Paris

Hello Jazz Lovers,

A beautiful Hot Day In Bahrain.

I know you are wondering what pinto beans and gospel have in common, well they are both feed the soul. On Wednesday I was craving pinto beans and here in Bahrain it is a travel to get the right ingredients, but I found them and put them on to cook. I did not get to eat until after 10 pm and they were truly comfort food.In the mean time an interesting thing happened, I decided to read my home town news paper,( The Lake Charles American Press) and my favorite food columnist(Gin) was doing a column, and you guessed it! Pinto Beans! So With a smile on my face I sent an email because this was beyond coincidence! You can read it in her next column Wednesday 17 June 2009.

Now Jazz Lovers, the connection of pinto beans and gospel kinda goes like this. I was on You Tube looking at comedians for today's blog and somehow found gospel instead, this on the same night as the pinto beans. Now you know I loves me some gospel!And after eating I was up all night I just could not sleep! While listening to the next song, I got a little full and you Southerners know what I am talking about, take a listen: now this is true gospel and all the people in the room are some of the greatest gospel singers that ever lived! There sitting in the center of the group was the Great Barrett Sisters! They are Rodessa Barrett 80 , Billie Barrett 81 , Delois Barrett 83 I think this month and still going strong. Now here is the same song with the Great James Cleveland on the piano. ( He is Playing on Aretha's Amazing Grace Album) This clip had to be mid to late 80s because he died in early 1991. The First Soloist on this clip is Delois Barrett and the second is her sister Billie Barrett, enjoy because they don't make music like this anymore. Of course I can not leave this place until I give a little taste of THE ORIGINAL GOSPEL HARMONETTE'S MILDRED HOWARD.

Now today's blog is not about Religion Jazz Lovers it is about the music and my love of music. Two of my favorite things as a child was pinto beans and Randy's Record Shop Nashville Tennessee, after 8 pm on Sunday nights, ( There were a lot of sleepy Monday mornings at school) and my love of both are still with me today...I was so happy when transistor radios came into being, I would lay with my head hanging out of the window to listen to this music. (Smile) The other thing I knew is when and what day all the different Aunts and neighbours would cook pinto beans and I would find something to do for them that day to insure I got some of them! One thing good about Louisiana is in those days if you were at someones house and it was time to eat they would feed you! They took pride in their cooking, believe you me!!!!! I realize life was very simple and wonderful.

The Barrett sisters have been singing for over 60 years, Delois before starting with her sisters sang with The Roberta Martian singers , then joined her sisters in the 1940s and their journey has taken them around the world. I am grateful to the You Tube community for keeping this music alive. This clip is from the documentary "Say Amen Somebody", This is my favorite song by anyone but the Barrett sisters nailed it. James Cleveland does a wonderful version also.( Check it out)
Now on this next clip please check out the Piano Player, His name is Charles Pikes and he is just fantastic..... The Barrett Sisters sing feel good music and Charles Pikes is so good on that piano!! I think he has done a tribute to James Cleveland Cd and I Will try to find it and feature it here folks... just one more Barrett Sisters please! Oh Well OK... See Why I love Pinto beans and Gospel music it is soul food...

On a serious note Jazz Lovers, with all the things going on in the world, I am so glad I have been able to keep my heart right and I want you to think about something very serious here about Gods love. Lest we forget every man, women and child, no matter what place they live in this world right now are supposed to be here. God does not make mistakes, and when you hate and work at destroying people because of the color of their skin, or where they come from, or what they believe, you are saying you know better than God. And your claim to loving God is voided. I love this song it is so true!

Well Jazz Lovers I will leave you with 2 songs to think about and remember there is a lot of truth in music and as my mother said "as long as you love Pinto beans and God you will never be hungry"Louisiana truth!! Here is Mr. Roy Hamilton 1955,

I think I Will put on another pot of Pinto Beans,

Until then Jazz lovers keep the beat.

DW Jazz Lover

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  1. enjoy because they don't make music like this anymore.

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