Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day At Home, Let Your Mind be Free.and Don't PO your Hair !.

Hello Jazz lovers,

Today is Friday and another beautiful day in Bahrain,

I decided to make this day an at home day, and just enjoy. A day made for good music, and piddling around with things. A day for introspection and being alone with yourself,and enjoying the things you like. I am listening to "Sounds of Blackness" right now and the voices are just fantastic in the background allowing me to do other things at the same time! Now do I want to tackle the closets? Humm no too labor intensive for to day, because I want to go for a walk a little later but maybe ? I know I will cook for tonight! once done I will have time for a nice walk and then a nice dinner when I return. That sounds like a plan!
One of the interesting things about giving yourself a day dedicated to you is that you can appreciate your own uniqueness, to free your mind of the outside world completely for a little while. You can be still . Today I did not choose music, I just pulled out randomly and put it in, "Sounds of Blackness just went off and a surprise! The next CD is " Atlantic Rhythm and Blues" 1947 thru 1074 is on now, I had forgotten some of these singers ! Lavern Baker, Ruth Brown,Joe Turner, The Drifters , and more! Sure brings back memories of some good times. My goodness there is Barbara Lynn on now! She had relatives in my neighbourhood she visited when I was a child, do you remember this song? I had forgotten that what amazed people at home was that she played left handed guitar, and the local stations Klou and Kaok played the dickens out of this song...

Now Big Joe Turner Is doing " Shake Rattle and Roll", a song that has strong links to family lore! As the story goes, the song was written at my aunts kitchen table and first performed in Lake Charles in 1954. It is a good story and with all the things going on at that time possibly true,and only one person left in the family to confirm it. I will ask and then I will tell the story at a later date Jazz Lovers. My Mother's first cousin played Sax and Clarinet for Joe Turner's band. The possibility is real.

Another surprise just came on Big Mama Thornton (Willie Mae Thornton) originator of Hound Dog, 1952 check it out! I leave that one to speak for it's self.a day at home speaks to itself anyway. I listened to a lot of wonderful old stuff and tripped down memory lane, to the good times. How often do you do that? It was so easy to go to the good and not the bad times, even those are not so bad ( It is the ramifications I think we remember) in hindsight. Just remember you are a sum total today of all the wonderful things that happened to make you the wonderful person you are today. Listen to
one of my Fav Della Reese "The Games People Play" When I get up in the morning now I always feel something wonderful is going to happen today ! and you know what it does!
Saturday and Sunday were such beautiful days, I got a lot accomplished, even finished a good book, ( read the Tipping Point)some good hours in the gym and today was just as wonderful. Did I mention that I was having a love affair with my hair? and right now it is really POed with me, I vowed to stop cutting my hair at retirement and I did. But there is an old adage the hair that meets scissors is a healthy head of hair! Well last week I decided to have the ends clipped! well that was a mistake because I had just started letting it do what it wanted to do and I was very happy with what it was doing.Well after clipping the ends it has been sulking like crazy and really letting me know it is not happy. I will not do that again if we ever make up! I will keep you posted.
Some exciting news happened today, Studio Kalid is having a contest! The contest is posted on their blog ( it is now linked to this blog as a follower) . The contest is running for the whole month of May so check it out you just might win. The prizes are great.

Well Jazz lovers it is a short one today and I will see you later.

Keep The beat...


Recommendations: Blue Light Till Dawn, by Cassandra Wilson

Nina at the Village Gate , Nina Simone

I am adding just a little History here. Have fun Jazz lovers here is the Blues!!!

Big mama Thornton's last performance;

Here is another version;

Another version with John Lee Hooker;

My Mother's Favorite song!

Another version Sam Cooke;

Howlin Wolf ;

DW Jazz lover

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