Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When the Music Stops it is Time to Dance

Hello Jazz Lovers,

Another Beautiful Day in Bahrain.

This has been a very busy week, the Studio Kalid has started on the new fall winter collection and catalogs and they will be happy to send you one by email. It is going to be hot, If you are looking for great fashion this is the place to look.



I had not idea of what I wanted to write about this week, but a couple of interesting things happened. One of the amazing things about being outside looking in, (Sorry Mr.Colman) is that artist are observers. Be it musician, painter, sculptor,writer, or photographer the world is their reality,there are no over night sensations! Think about it. But it is about the beat, look at all the dumb things happening around you and the listen to the music, Gill Scott Heron is a good example of this. He has been painting a picture of the reality for 20 years and only those with their finger on the pulse has been and is still listening, and reflecting this reality in their art. Meeting and spending time with creative people is eye opening to the beautiful things all around us.It is a very positive place to be they don't seem to have time for negative thoughts or actions.


I call this an "emerging universal consciousness", I am finding it in "stillness", to just be! I am finding I can be still in the noisiest or busiest place because stillness comes from inside. In stillness you can step out of the situation and observe, you will be amazed at what you see. On yesterday as I was going to the gym I was so into the beauty of the day that I felt good just to be where I was at that moment, (there was an inner joy). When I arrived at the gym location which is enclosed in a courtyard with Palm trees and greenery and a pool at the center, decided to sit awhile before going into the gym. There was total silence and my mind was clear and open and I was aware of something much bigger than me and I had this wonderful sense of peace, then slowly I became aware of the sounds of the birds, the soft breeze in the trees, I could actually hear the ripples in the pool it was a wonderful feeling. Pleasure is in the simplest things. The rest of the day was just as beautiful and full of awareness.


Today when I arrived in the courtyard of the gym I decided to sit for a while and enjoy the silence once more and in this silence I heard Jazz and I mean good Jazz! They were playing JAZZ! on the Hotel sound system at the pool! A first! people jazz has arrived in Bahrain! The beat is moving. I was sitting in sunshine on a beautiful day listening to very good stuff I stayed for a while then went in and had a very good work out. When I was in the dressing room after my workout I discovered that a hotel guest had had a heart attack in the pool at 5 pm the previous day.My day of silence, he was 40 years old, life is short and we really don't know when or where, don't you think it time to start finding some joy in your lives ? To stop chasing and to realize what is really important? Because the things you are worrying about now, on a highway to San Francisco 50 years from today who is going to give a damn ?


So I guess today's blog is really to take a minute to tell that young man who died yesterday somebody cared that he lived.Somebody that he didn't know thought about him today.

Well Jazz Lovers until next time keep the beat.

Recommendations: Anything by Gill Scott Heron

Percy Mayfield: This is the first song I remember hearing as a child and still my favorite song.



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