Sunday, April 19, 2009

Letting Go and Living

Hello Jazz Lovers,

Another Beautiful Day in Beautiful Bahrain.

The picture above is a symbol of the beautiful weekend I had this week and a symbol of all the beautiful things in life. I saw this piece for the first time this weekend and it is staying with me and took my thoughts into a very open place. This photo is taken early morning, I have another taken the first time I saw it which was at night, which I will post later at the right time. I learned a lot(!) this weekend about beauty and life and also placed some interestingly beautiful thoughts in my head. So today Jazz lovers I am going to listen to the beat, and (talk my head) see if I can find the tempo and just maybe get to the song. Is That Jazz?!

Today is Sunday, (so I had better be true to myself) I am having (one of what Ms. Oprah would call ) an Ah Hah! Moments so I had better go there ! I know and you know a lot of people are losing their jobs, their homes, their businesses, and are losing hope! But Jazz lovers this is a new day and a new time, you can not change the past but you darn sure can change tomorrow and today. BIG BUSINESS is failing interestingly enough, BUT IT IS THE PERFECT TIME for small businesses to get it together, offer what people need at a good price all the way to the top. Get a (website let people know you are there) way to let people know you can help them save money while offering a good product! ( treat people as you want to be treated) The solutions are simple.Amazing Grace!

I had as I said a weekend that opened a lot of questions more than answers ( the above paragraph speaks for itself) about this journey called life. Friday Night I had dinner with my newest friend KD and his brothers, and a few of their friends. The conversations were just flowing around the table in a very nice Japanese restaurant. As the night progressed through out dinner, some had other obligations and the left in small groups as necessary, as the group got smaller the conversations changed accordingly yet all the conversations were about art. When the group got smaller it became evident we were left with a group of people that were looking at a deeper artistic place. we spoke as people that has always known each other forever, (even though we had just met) as we took questions out of our heads we realized we all had the same questions. So the conversation was very spirited to say the least, it was wonderful!

It is so amazing to walk as though you are a foreign entity on this earth, when you know your heart is filled with love. Now the reason I am throwing this song in the middle of this paragraph, is because I just had a call from (I knew this story had not ended ed ) (how Cassandra Wilson and Randy Crawford got me through or how I got over you!) one year and five months months ago. I am now Missed! I realized that I am over you and I do wish you well. But the most amazing thing is I really do wish you well! To love someone you must love the best about them, and realize that even when it is over,they still live in your heart for the good things.
If you have loved someone, celebrate that, enjoy the memories, but know I am over you. The sky is still blue and laughter is still beautiful and free. Realize you have given your best. Then move on and look into the future with joy. Because something is beautiful around the corner.

Well Jazz Lovers I will leave you here for today. its Sunday Thanks Rowaches:

Until then keep the beat.

It is Sunday:

Shan you are part of my heart:

Eliza I love you sugah

Al my dear brother, you are my heart.

DW Jazz Lover

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  1. Thank you for all this love - we love you and what you do