Monday, April 6, 2009

Amazing Grace Part 2

Hello Jazz Lovers,

Today was a remarkably beautiful day here in Bahrain.

When you open yourself to the universe with a positive heart,life is wonderful, joy is possible in every thing. Just to breath, to smile,to appreciate all the real beauty around you naturally is just amazing (Amazing Grace).Maybe half the things the world is going through right now is is a wake up call, telling you to slow down, as sister Alice Walker says in The Color Purple, "Maybe God is trying to tell you something"

I am meeting fantastic people who are moving forward, shedding layers of false personality every day. The artist, the designers, the photographers, the dreamers are speaking once more, making others uncomfortable by holding a mirror up to the world. People are so afraid to give up their misery because it is comforting to know what the day will bring even if it is more misery. But to step out on a limb and change is very frightening, people are really afraid to test their belief ( so they go bungee jumping) think about it...

This page started out as Sundays blog, which should be about Gospel and I was going to complete it next Sunday. but I am learning Gospel is every where all the time. Sunday was such a fantastic day filled with such beauty that has carried thru to Monday, Tuesday, until today that I need to keep it going. The day itself was filled with such a brilliance that it just felt good, everything had its own beauty. Sunday was truly a "Zippdy DO Dah" Day! ( If you are not in my age group or from Louisiana you might not know what that means!)
Kalid (the designer) and I had a wonderful time with a scheduled fashion shoot,that was held at an Italian Photographers studio, Loredana and her husband, are two of the most beautiful and wonderful people I have ever met. Please check out Loredana's website and you will see some great art at , We met with another Photographer at the studio that also volunteered as the model, which was a most wonderful way to see beauty come alive, Valentina was just wonderful on the other side of the camera. At the end of the shoot we were invited to the opening of a photo exhibit(Transformation of Memories) at a new gallery that had opened in Al Ali mall. So if you are in Bahrain please visit Al Riwaq Gallery until April 30 2009. You will not be sorry.The people were some very beautiful people ,from all walks of life. The artist were delightful to converse with and a lot of compliments on my Leopard print shirt!( have a laugh).
Now this week I am really going to recommend an interesting music artist that you jazz lovers with taste will definitely appreciate. When we were driving home remarking on how beautiful the night sky over Bahrain was that night. Kalid put this artist on the car stereo, if you are a jazz lover that appreciate Billie's Phrasing, Ella's Style, and Sarah's sweetness, then do not I repeat argue with me or doubt me on this one! Go to the record shop, or look on Amazon, or where ever you buy music and get this CD ! His name is David McAlmont, The CD is "Set One --You Go To MY Head", jazz lovers this is going to be a collectors item, trust me on this one. (The Man knows his ancestors!!)I was driven home to this wonderful voice ,( that epitomizes what an acoustical guitar and bass can really do) under the most beautiful night sky I had ever seen here in Bahrain. ( I took a photo from the balcony of the gallery and will up load it next blog.)
Well Jazz Lovers, keep the beat until next time.
DW Jazzlover
Eliza I love you baby
Albert I am happy that you are part of my life too, keep the beat,
I will get the hang of this, and learning is such a joy.....Moss Bluff Elementry
I rest my case!!!

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