Friday, May 1, 2009

We are Off to see the Wizard

Hello Jazz Lovers,
A truly beautiful day in Bahrain,
It is break time, so I will be away for a couple of weeks, visiting friends and looking for beauty.
The thought of travel started me to thinking about music that included traveling, back in the day!
Here are some oldies to keep you company, and start you to exploring. I am sure most of you under 40 will not know these !Smile ! the rest of you enjoy the yellow brick road.
Another traveling song> 1973,
One of our Great Ladies left us this year, so while looking for traveling music , I have decided to wish her well in her new journey. Of course I am speaking of our Great Lady Miss Eartha Kitt.
So please take a while to appreciate her, while I pack.
Isn't this great Jazz lovers:
Eartha Kitt will live on in our hearts, What a great Lady.
Well Jazzlovers just one more time:
Sometimes the music, the beat and the tempo must speak for it's self.
Until Next time, I will be back soon.
Jazz Lovers keep the beat
Alan Miss you Buddy.

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