Saturday, December 1, 2012

I love Old Photo's

Hello JazzLovers,

A very beautiful  Fall Day!!

Today Frankie!!

I have been away for a while out getting me Some Live!!

It has been a wonderful coupe of months..But today is so special..I  just feel good!! Now what started me to thinking was just how good the day felt it is a progress feeling!! I am progressing into adult hood..I am growing UP! And it is wonderful..Life is a Fascinating Journey..   "Joy and Pain"

I love old Photographs, I like the faces and try to figure out the emotions of the moment..WHO is comfortable with who? Who is on Stage? Who is really having a Blast!?Who would rather be anyplace else bit there!!( They are the funny!) Who has real love for the others in the photo? Who is in love with who? Who is in Lust? I have been in everyone of those Photographs at one time or another in my life!! And I am so happy to say I am happy in most of the photos that have survived... but I know  what I looked like in the one's that did not survive and But all of them are Me!!           "Feel That You are Feeling"

I spent the after noon with an old classmate and we took up the conversation where we left high school!! It was wonderful to know that my friend was still my friend..It is great being among people who knew you before you were you!!! And take into consideration that we have all experienced different things but the core is still the same!! It means you can let down your guard!!
It means that out paths might have been different.Our core was the same..We can speak truths to each other....We remember out innocence( Stupidity! In the eyes of the world!!   " I  Wanna Thank You!!"

To live in gratitude is a long way into who you are...It is so funny to laugh at ourselves...I am so grateful for getting home before it was toooooo Late..

Today I am a Very Happy Man...My friends are still my friends,what more can I ask for!!! I love old Photos because we are thanking Old Photos every time we take a Picture!!  This post is really about the Music though !    " We Are One"!!!

Well Jazzlovers

Until Next time,

Keep The beat..


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  1. You're in this one???? Wait......that you at the back nex' the mirror?