Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Facinating Journey!!

I miss my Beautiful Father, I wish I had known him then!!

Hello Jazzlovers,

Featuring George Micheal today..Love This Man!!

What a wonderful day!!

I played hooky today from the total daily routine and did something different!! Back in my old community,I went visiting..And I walked the whole way,it was soooo nice..
The weather was sooo nice and the trees were putting on their Fall Clothes. I had forgotten how beautiful that could be!! I felt like a child once more, I did not need a water bottle because there ale little oasis all along the way..Thankfully there is enough wooded areas that are the same and as beautiful as ever..Joy!   George Michael  " It doesn't really Matter"

I think this is all I need to say today..Check out the music... Every body's got a story.. Love this cut..

I am on this quest to know My Father at the above place in his life..I know he worked at the place he is standing, I know that is where he met MY Mom..But I don't know what he was like then. I had no contact with my father ontil I was 6 years old..I knew who he was and I often saw him around town but we had no contact..but even then he was very importantto my life.And from 6years old  til adult hood he was verymuch in my life. And My Fave!!! My Cuz's Fave...

I wanted to say more but I did not want to leave the wonderful place I am right now..

Until Next time..

Keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover

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