Friday, September 7, 2012

It's A Lovers Question..

Hello Jazzlovers,

I had a wonderful Weekend..

Hello Jazzlovers.

I am going to feature some of my favorite Jazz Ladies , Just cuz I like them..   Randy  Crawford " Feeling Good"

I have had the best week!!  I had planned to write about something I learned on Divorce Court"about relationships and Pain!! But I will not write about it today because I need to think about it a little longer..I wrote the thought down so I will not forget!    Randy Crawford " Purple Rain"

There was an interesting Development this weekend ! And that is what I am going to write about...Growth is an amazing thing..and once I let go! I have grown a lot..And I realize I started letting go a long time ago... A Dear Cousin was in town last weekend and we had not seen each other in a very long time, it was delightful..Well through her I found some other grade school friends.So I am getting some nice phone calls...    My Cuz sent me the original years ago and it is still my favorite piece...

Two of the phone calls were very interesting to say the least..One of the beautiful things about a small town is people have loooong memories!! And Legend's abound!! Now when something happens and everyone knows something happened but no one has first hand knowledge except those involved!! And if one or both of them becomes infamous a legend is born..Oddly enough the incident became funny to me all these years later, and I was telling a New Friend that I knew in school but we ran in different circles and was way ahead of me in school but we knew the same people...The Other Persons name came up and I told here about the scandal and we had a good laugh!!   Randy Crawford " Love Town"

I was Young,Fresh,and ready!! Just Toooo Cute!! ( Good Thing I did not know it!!) And just as dumb! snatched up real fast!! Flattered to no end!!! It did not take long to learn that all that glitters is not gold!!(About 2 and a half years) But when You become a habit to someone and they will not let go it gets crazy!!! Well it seems I am Legend !! The two phone calls were from Friends I had not seen since high school and it was really nice to hear from them, we have a lot to talk about!! Bur half way through the conversation it came up!! I have never laughed so hard..We are talking 50 years ago!!   Rochell Farrell  " Till You Come Back To Me"

Thank this Universe that I am very OK with it all, it was a part of my life and I learned from it, sometimes slow and sometimes very fast but that's how life goes.. I will never regret that time in my life, I learned some very valuable lessons in that relationship..A very good thing came out of that relationship, I walked away from it with an understanding of Passion !  50 years later and people are still interested..Must have been HOT!!     Esther Phillips 

Well Jazzlovers

Until next time..

Keep The Beat..

DW Jazzlover


  1. Details DW, Give us details...LOL !

  2. @ reboi, I plan to soon.. I just want to hear everyone else version first..

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