Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jason Collins

Jason Collins

Hello Jazzlovers it is a beautiful day today!

It has been a minute since I have been here, I have been too busy living life. The above photo took my breath away when I saw it, and the story brought tears to my eyes. The Oprah interview just filled my heart with joy as I listened to his Family support him with so much love that I just had to write today for the future.

The Collins Family

Jason is smart, articulate, and just a Beautiful Youngman  and I applaud him and will keep him in my call to the Universe for His Happiness. It took an incredible amount of courage for him to come out at this time in his life, it is never easy no matter what age. He is surrounded by
his families love which was so clear in Oprah's interview which is the only important factor in his decision to come out! My respect for him is so deep on so many levels and I will attempt to list them here.

It took an a lot of courage for him to step forward now, and I do understand why, The Man has integrity and could not live a lie any longer and was secure in his families love to finally make that step. ( Most gay people have only two choices in life! To live a Lie or live their lives..usually outside the family) Living a lie is not easy for you can never let your guard down for even a second!! His Twin Brother's response brought tears to my eyes, to Para phrase Jarran said " He is my older Brother and has always looked after me. I love him and support him and if necessary I will protect him" ,a powerful statement. I have that kind of love from my brothers too. In the Black Community that reads true love..

Why now You might ask? Why is this important now? Well for one thing this Man has lived with this secret for 34 years and it obvious he has never acted on it!! To me that is amazing strength of character and it means he must have walked around with an amazing amount of Pain!
But it became obvious to me  when Opra asked him if "he lived in fear of someone Outing him?" He replied at once "No!" which means he is still a Virgin and has never acted on his desires! Integrity! Totally breaking the stereotype of what Gay People are! And it explains how huge this battle was for him! It is important to My generation because each of us know exactly hard that is! We face isolation, rejection, ridicule, and even violence and death just to be ourselves and that is just in our own communities., A lot of Gay people leave and end up in Gay Ghettos in major cities and countries that have a semblance to tolerance. That too is an illusion.


This is also Important for all of us because his is a Beautiful Soul that fits in with society vision of a man!! He breaks the stereotype of what a Gay man looks like, and acts like, he looks and acts like everyone's Idea of what a Man looks like and He is not a child of the Night!!! Which is where they think most of us are!! Jason Collins is a Man in every since of the word!! And I cannot be more proud of him is he was my brother, son, or my friend. I remember living a double life and it takes a lot of energy to maintain that. We as People of color are finally coming into our own as a free people, I for one am so grateful for this wonderful Young Man and I am so Grateful to his Parents raising him with such Love..!!! He is Worthy!!

Why once more is this so important!? He is opening a door for Young Kids fighting this battle every day all over this world that feel there is nothing to live for, that have no hope, that they can not live their dreams because they are Gay, Jason Collins has opened their world to new opportunity in the sports world, in other words they really can be anything they want to be. Jason has in stepping forward given a lot of Young People hope !!!

God Does not make Mistakes Jason and You are living proof. I am so grateful for you and support you with all my heart, I fell in love with your Family you are truly Blessed and I am so grateful to have lived to experience your moment in the Sun. You will always be remembered and celebrated.

Thank You!!

God is Love!!

Now Jazz Lovers You Know Della has one song that fits!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4EsZ84Q08g  Della Reese!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iujQ8_S6A4  "I've got to be me" Della Reese

Until Next Time
Keep the Beat..

DW Jazzlover

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