Monday, July 9, 2012

The Tapestry of Innocence

The Tapestry of Innocence
Hello JazzLovers,
A Beautiful rainy day and I am tripping down happy memories lane..Listening to Aretha...Featuring Miss Franklin today..

We weave an interesting tapestry in our innocence of youth!! I am thinking of my first trip to The Bahamas, and how innocent I was and how fast I learned a lot of things!! Travel is a wonderful teacher...(Scene) It was the middle 70s, I had just graduated school, had a good job, newel in The City...a wonderful time to be young!(and I almost missed it) There were a 4 of us that were  all at the same place in life and wanted to see more. These 2 women were friends that will live forever in my heart..I was the youngest in years and experience..We Liked each other! And we liked nice things and worked hard to get there...Worked hard.played hard..        Aretha " Sparkle"

The movie" Sparkle" was spreed by word of mouth...Aretha had released the album Sparkle,and dance clubs were Hot and some the hottest were in the center of town..There was Jazz and bluess Clubs all over town where you could find some fantastic musicians,,,and still make it downtown for the after hours dance clubs so our friends were very varied because we all liked different things at the time. So therefore we did a lot of different things together and apart, We invited each other to different types of entertainment so when you got an invitation you know it was the best..some we all liked some we didn't and that was OK too.   They were Angels!! We in our Innocence decided on an adventure! One of the airlines had an amazing deal to the Bahamas an we decided to go!!What a fantastic learning curve it was and we had a blast!!!        'Look into Your Heart" One of my favarite cuts...

It is a very interesting place, (The whole Culture is a business,for real!!) There is much to offer in meeting tourist needs...They will offer you your vision of island life..and they do it very well and there is a serious code of the is a very pleasant job..."Multiply "How Stella got her Groove Back, and you get the picture) meets "BAPs) in Old Black Hollywood. What a sight we must have been! They In The Latest in Hollywood Beach Resort Wear ! and me looking like I just stepped out of "International Male @)  They did not know what hit'em Sugah! They either we were the funniest thing that had ever seen or we were looking as good as we thought!!LOL !
But we were the only ones who left the airport in private car and did not have a potential escort...carrying our bags....           "Jump"

The driver kept talking and staring at me in the mirror, now I must understand as to why he was staring,the women were answering his questions and I was staring out the window at the beauty of the Island which was breathtaking...My hair was shoulder length and red/gold in color!! I must have been a sight...He informed us to enjoy the resort that day and skip the hotel festivities for the day and enjoy the pool and the bar and he would pick us up at the front entrance at midnight... After checking in and changed into our "Sex in the City" outfits we hit the pool area in all our glory!!With our umbrellas set just right, we set back to enjoy the bar and the people...The waiters were so much fun!!I have never laughter so much in my life...Feeling very good and very happy we went in to shower and nap about 5 be ready for midnight...        " In The Dark"

True to his word the driver was there to take us to the village and he was right about the hotel also all their festivities were over at midnight and most new attachment's had been made and retired to do what most grownups on vacation do!!! It was a local night club and it was jumping!!! (The DJ's name was Sparkle!!) I earned the name "Little slim boy that night,I danced my ass off!! Rum and coconut milk!!Is a lethal combination,I walked back to the resort with a group of guys climbing coconut trees getting fresh coconuts and mixing it with rum!!I walked in in to a Olympic size swimming pool!! Think about that for a moment!!I am walking down a deserted beach with a group of men I did not know feeling good and having a blast..How innocent can one get?? I was in one on the most homophobic countries in the word and felt safe..This Universe is amazing...    "The dark side of the Strreet"

It turned out to be one of the best vacations I have ever had!! I even won the limbo contest ..18 inches...I got to visit homes and villages, ate home cooking everyday and danced every night away..There are things I need to leave out now..But let you imagination run wild but all I can say is I really felt appreciated and left the Bahamas a very happy Man!!!  "Amazing Grace"

Well Jazzlovers I will leave it here...

Until Next time.

Keep the beat

DW Jazzlover..

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