Sunday, July 1, 2012

Now is a Wonderful Place to be

Comfort Levels He is free..

Featuring Randy Crawford

Hello Jazzlovers,

There have been a lot of things running through my head lately!!(as always).
I have been thinking about this journey called life and all it intails. One of the wonderful things about ageing is how clearly you can see things as they are..having cleaned out all the old truncks and files and old tapes in my head..and removed all the future tapes in from my mind, I am left with now!! I can now take joy in small things and enjoy all that is happening around me right now. My head and heart are open and aware of beauty....    Randy Crawford and Joe Sample, "Rio de Janiero Blues'

Did you know that Jazz and Blues are the only trully Born in America ? Right now I am into and Featuring Ms. Randy Crawford only in this post..Randy Crawford is one of my most favored Artist and has been since one of my Dear Cousins (We have to find our way back to each other) sent me the Original album with Her first Version of Rio de Janiero Blues and I was hooked..        " People Alone"

There is no us in the verb 'To be". It takes a lifetime to understand what Love really is!! Love is constantly Evolving...Everyone has a bifferent definition of love.. The ability to love and the need for love  controles a lot of our actions whether right or wrong in actions.. One of the amazing things about travel is you have to challange all you have been taught to belive! Travel is a journey into yourself..and a lot of people don't get it even when they do travel...I learned that traveling alone or wih like minded people and sometimes traveling with none like minded people...It is very interesting to meet indiginous people and other people while traveing with someone and when traveling alone..     " Street Life" Live

Travel has taught me to be much more excepting of things I don't know or understand,it frees me to learn and grow as a person..There are some wonderful people out there...Love is real!! To be taught at an early age that no matter what, The Creator of The Universe Loves me..and it is true!!!(See I was paying attention!) Love is so real and it is right there in front of us at all times if we choose..How often have you heard someone say they cone The Creator and in the next breath they hate soneone,country'color,etc? That does not compute with me, How can anyone hate The Creators beautiful Variations of people? It is like a crystal Vase filled with wonderous flowers,all different all beautiful..Thats Love...       " When I Get Over You'

Well Jazzlovers,

Untill Next time

Keep the beat..


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