Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music is My Life

Dear Jazzlovers,
I am back for a while, There are a few things I want to discuss about my recent brush with leaving this earth...But not on my music blog,,,So I will be starting a new Blog to write abourt the I will be starting a new Blog which is why I need to know which of these 2 you are getting

I will continue to keeep this one about the Music..I had started another dw jazzlover blog and thought I had beleted this one,,,So I am posting the same message on both Blogs With an Different Etta Jamrs song, Please let me know which one comes through as still here!!!

Love and miss you all...

I will Post the link to the Life Blog I am starting on the next  Post, I am working on Copy right issues right now,,,

Until Next time Jazzlovers Keep the beat!!

DW Jazzlover

Until Next time Jazzlovers let me hear from you...

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