Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Langston Hughes


Hello JazzLovers

This is my Mood today....

Langston Hughes'

Mother to Son

Well, son, I'll tell you:

Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.

It's had tacks in it,

And splinters,

And boards torn up,

And places with no carpet on the floor --


But all the time

I'se been a-climbin' on,

And reachin' landin's,

And turnin' corners,

And sometimes goin' in the dark

Where there ain't been no light.

So boy, don't you turn back.

Don't you set down on the steps

'Cause you finds it's kinder hard.

Don't you fall now --

For I'se still goin', honey,

I'se still climbin',

And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.

Until Next time Jazzlovers
Keep the beat..
DW JazzLover..


  1. Peace my dearest flesh of my flesh.


  2. One of the songs Your church chior was famous for was!!! " Lord I am climbing High Mountains Trying To Get Home""
    I remember more thn you Know!!

    LOVE!! LOL Remember!???

  3. This is off subject but how are you doing over there. Turmoil in the streets. Come home....why don't you and post from here. Don't want to lose you and those wonderful jazz recommendations and speaking from the heart?

  4. Thank you Carolyn for the concern..Things are difficult to say the least..But I am fine and safe..
    This is a Local issue and I live in a very safe area of town..so I am not involved.
    I love living here, it is a very good place to be..Everyplace have their issues and they will work out theirs..
    I will keep the Jazz Recomendations going..I am listening to a lot of music, just have nothing running through my head to write about..
    Your concern really touched me.Thank you D

  5. Good to know you are safe & staying out of the fray. I like my revolutions non violent, really, but some regimes just don't roll that way. Egypt did well because the military sided with the people. I hope that is a new trend, cause there is a whole lot of regime cleansing that needs to happen.

    About the crystal stairs....
    I've had the gambit of it.... you know, tacks, broken splinters, but also the smooth sunshine moments too. The rough times make us count our blessings, or even realize what things are blessings.

    Life is for learning....

    Keep on climbing those stairs, splinters & all

  6. You know Fran so many have emailed me on many issues concerning the crystal stairs,Langston hughes is one of the Men I truly respect..Blessings come at sometimes when we are at the steepest part of the stairs!!
    And that the way it has been my whole life...Trusting in the Universe is my rock...I to will keep climbing...
    It is moments like this because ,i was at a lost as to which story to tell next...But You and Carolyn came at the right time...
    As soon as things open up to the point of being free to write..it will be from the place you both opened in my heart.
    And as Esther Phillips sings " I have scars on my knees"
    Thank you for being in this world!!!

  7. The world as we have known it is changing, and Love has got to be in the forefront of all our lives...We are not the only people right now climbing " Life that's No Crystal Stairs"
    And Remember Rosa Parks.