Monday, November 1, 2010

Nesting and Collecting Nine Months Later

Nine months ago..

A Beautiful day In Bahrain

Hello Jazzlovers,

Those of you following my blog know that I moved to a new flat in March, and this week the last box was unpacked...Most of the time when we move we unpack everything right away.I have always been one of those people who just have to "nest" where ever I am, and I tend to collect...    Minnie Riperton

Aging is amazing!, Life is such an amazing journey...I like nice and unusual things,I like some very tacky art pieces, those with taste, I love color,I like rare things, I love things given to me by friends,and family,that know this about me and give me things that they see that reminds them of me...The amazing thing about this is it is an interesting  photograph of how they see me..It is beautiful because it shows me what of themselves they see in me..   Big Maybelle

The reason I say that aging is amazing is because of the things I have kept with me on all my moves ( I once had storage on three continents) through many countries and places, I am just starting to understand many things,the items you move because you love them, but not the pieces you bought because it was a statement piece or a piece to pull it all together those you put in storage,  I began to understand the next place will be different and you can not replicate the place you are leaving..But as a gypsy I tend to take those items of comfort from each place I live..     Della Reese

My Sisters home  is a home no matter if it is a house, an apartment, really no matter where, it is the most beautiful and warm place. You see my sister like me is a sentimentelist. We value those in our lives that have brought us kindness and joy.. My sister collects those memories,she collects the things the other relatives don't want when their mother, father , brother,sisters,aunts,uncles,passes on into the universe...and these are the very pieces that makes her home a home..When the left behind relatives visit her home they always remember the piece and have a sister also collect these stories...   Esther Phillips

My Sister collects the pieces that just didn't fit any more in, lets say for clarity Aunt Mary's house as she came up in the world and changed the house but always kept certain pieces that you always remember being there as a child. Think back you know what I am talking about..It is the pieces you grew to love those pieces because they didn't fit and they kept you grounded as a child because those pieces let you know Aunt Mary was still Aunt Mary..Think back! These are always the pieces the son, daughter, sister, brother, don't want! "That old thing"and they always gave these peices to my sister..Their rational was that " well you know Eve did come by every day ,week, month, baked,cleaned,sat with, Mama"When we couldn't, didn't,was too busy, so she deserves something...But that was the exact piece my sister treasured..Because when she was sitting, visiting, baking, cleaning, she would alway ask things like "when you redid the house why did you keep that Dresser it does not fit?"... Then she would learn why that piece was so important to Aunt Mary ...She would hear the story...Her home is full of these things,and they look good , it is like all these pieces were waiting for a place to come together..That old dresser that leaned before for some reason now stands straight, and do not look out of place at all!! " Damn Aunt Otavia's sofa looks so good here Eve" " I remember"!!!!is what you hear in my sisters home.. I call my sister the memory keeper..   Gladys Knight

Well Jazzlovers it has taken me Nine and a half months to unpack and go thru all of my movables around the world. Now I am surronded by things that hold  happy memories. It has taken me so long because I stopped at every memory, and it has given me the strength to see all of this so much clearer. So like my sister when I sit in my living room I am surrounded by old friends and just need a few things to pull it all together.. When I visit my sister I visit all my ansecestors,when I sit at home I visit all my old friends, teachers,family,
warm  fuzzies..There is a story behind eveything here..Now that everything is in it's place I am open to falling in love once more..  Esther Phillips

Well Jazzlovers Until Next time...

Keep the beat.



  1. Oooo, what a delicious pumpkin/spice/cinnamon color on the wall. And with the light streaming in from the window it's not too dark. And the vibrant art work and colorful pillows lend a decided orientalist flair.

  2. Thanks Thomas, That was where I started, I will send you photos of the finished room as soon as they return..
    I love your colors too..

  3. I remember you buying artwork D. Precious stuff.
    The apartment looks fabulous but more than that, it looks like home.
    Having moved 4 times in three years, I know the pain and and the pleasure of "getting it right" which is subjective.
    Done well, played strong!

  4. MY Dear Alan, thanks a million, I know you know what I mean...That was the room 9 months ago, I will post photos of now on the next blog..I realize I am on a journey and just finding my way home...
    I miss you and Give the Duchess my love.

  5. Oh By the way Alan you are with me every time I open the door..I use my key chain you gave me in you are a very big part of my home..

  6. I am so happy to hear that D. You have made my day.

  7. I'm sure your brand new digs will bring you peace, calm and pleasure, just like the fine jazz you surround your self & your spirit within. No matter where you go, there YOU are. Enjoy, and...

    Snatch JOY!


  8. I like your blog. It's unique and I'm getting
    a different perspective on some of the places you've traveled to. You've also given me another way to view this aging thing. I'm 63, however, mentally and spiritually I feel like I did in my mid 40's.
    Why won't my body cooperate! Take care.