Thursday, March 26, 2009

Listening to the beat,or "Dancing to the Drummer Again" and" I'm Felling Good"

Hello JazzLovers another beautiful day in Bahrain.
I know I said in the last post "To be continued" and I will, yet this is also part of the story. It is essential when looking into the past that it holds no power over your emotions today.
To be able to understand that it is just that the past, and only a stepping stone to who you are today.( It is still about the music).

I had a wonderful evening last night and it has continued today. After cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I decided to shower and visit my favorite watering hole,(it reminds me of the Juke Joints of old in Acres Home). it is an Arabic place, but everyone goes there. People are very friendly and young people still speak to you and shake your hand even if this is the first time they have seen you. That takes me back to Moss Bluff when respect was a given.

I was and am in a state of being, and in a very positive place in my head and heart. I was listening to the sound system and realized they were playing Angie Stone's 'Mahogany Soul"( I love the cut 20 Dollars) and that amazed me, for reasons I will attempt to explain. In most of the watering holes here you hear only the latest, and oldies of Country, Rap, Hip hop,and Beyonce! if you ask about jazz you get Kenny G, so Angie got my attention, and I asked the Keep where did she get the CD? The response was from a friend that worked in another watering hole, where in the afternoon I have often visited because the Keep likes Jazz and Blues, and I have given her a copy of "Mahogany Soul" gratefully they share so the beat is moving!

I was grooving to the music and "Feeling good"(Randy Crawford) some dear friends came in and we got into a very good conversation with lots of laughter and just enjoying the moment. When in about an hour I was still moving to the beat but it had changed they were playing Arabic music and I was into it big time! I was also carrying on a conversation in Arabic and I have no idea when it changed! That was an amazing moment in time, I was "Dancing to the Drummer Again" (Cassandra Wilson). I am finding out that the beat is universal, the tempo and song may change but the feelings are the same. The Blues in any language is still the Blues. Check out Om Kathoum, the Mother of Song in Egypt, she will keep you spellbound even if you do not understand the words..

This afternoon after leaving the gym I stopped in once more before coming home to more cleaning, I was quite pleased that they were playing Jill Scots "Who is Jill Scott?" Words and sounds Vol 1. And the beat goes on, I had given a copy of that CD to another friend a few months ago... and while walking home I had such a feeling of well being, it is such a beautiful day here ,I think I will close now and walk down to the Gulf for sunset. But I will be continuing the previous post when it feels right, although this is still a part of the story of "How music carried me through or how I got over you. "

A recommendation for you Southern music collectors : Try Southern Journeys. Earliest Times ," Georgia Sea Islands Songs" from the Alan Lomax Collection.
Recommendation for all Jazz lovers : Dinah Washington Sings the Blues a re release on the Cedar Label.

Remember A Thing Of Beauty is a Joy Forever...

Until then Jazz Lovers Keep The Beat..

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