Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jazz and Blues Lovers

To Jazz and Blues Lovers
Hello Jazz and Blues Lovers,Now that I am reaching the age of reason(another term for maturity), I am realizing in everyday conversations and interactions just how important jazz and blues has been in my life. While having a conversation with a long time ago school mate ( MADAM OF 'BLOG' & 'BLAB' ), the discussion turned to music. I give full credit to Minnie for suggesting this blog, because of my love for music,and my love for story telling. Thank you dear friend and I am so happy that you are back in my life.

Over the years I remember working in Juke Joints in the afternoons after school,(on my odd year living in Houston) cleaning the place so that I would have access to the Juke BoX for music you did not hear on the radio. Then late at night (after 8Pm) if you positioned your radio just right you could get Randy's Record Shop, Nashville Tenn, for the best Jazz, Blues, and Gospel music in the world. Of course this is before Wolf Man Jack, Del Rio Mexico (another story, another time).

The creation of this blog is to journey through that time and discuss the Greats and their impact on our lives. I welcome you input and corrections where my memory fails or is colored by my emotions of life at the time. There will be no set period or time for the discussions, like music this blog will find it's own tempo, beat, and lyrics.

A good example of this concept and why good music can stand the test of time, I was riding with my friend(Kalid of Studio Kalid) the other day and he connected his Ipod to the car radio and said I just love this song! The song was Dinah Washington " Mad about the Boy", he did know who she was but not her history, but he liked it! and was overjoyed to know that I had all of her music! So today and another day this week will be set aside for him to hear nothing but Dinah! I am listening to Dinah now, and with the greatest pleasure...

Some of my favorite artist in no pertictular order is: Casandra Wilson, Big Maybelle, Joe Sample, Randy Crawford, (Joe Sample and Randy Crawford together is WOW) Ted Taylor, Della Reese, Big Mama Thornton,Esther Phillips,Diane Reeves, Dee Dee Warwick("She kept on talking", Dee Dee Bridgewater,Nina Simone,Etta James, and the list goes on each artist have their own place in my life. I would also like to discuss your favorites. There is also a lot of out of print music I would live to find!!

The first time I heard Cassandra Wilson, I sitting in the Sultan Pub in Istanbul, daydreaming and looking at the Blue Mosk, a beautiful structure, when this wonderful song came on the sound system and I was captivated and every time I hear Cassandra Wilson singing "Blue Light Till Dawn" I am transported back to that moment. As Soon as I got back to Amsterdam I made a bee line to Concerto to buy the CD and has since then bought her Cd's as soon as they come out and she just gets better!

Now for a music trivia question,Here it is, in Cassandra Wilson's Music there is a constant that sets it apart "Hint: It is in the sound"can you tell me what it is?

Well Jazz Lovers that is my introduction and welcome to my world! remember I am from the South ( Louisiana) so I might fall into Southern English sometimes Jazz Lovers.


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