Monday, December 30, 2013

I am a Man, I am a Black Man, I am a Same gender Loving Man and I am Blessed

The beginning.
Hello Jazzlovers

Another Beautiful Day to be On This Earth.

I had an interesting experience this week that started me to thinking, Someone asked a few weeks ago why did I choose to be Gay? My Answer was " for the same reason I chose to be black." This week I was told that I don't act Gay! and that gave birth to this FB Post that I feel I should share with my Blog readers. So here goes.    " I've Been here Before- Deja Vu "  Tina Marie

I prayed and debated a long time before sitting down to write this post! But after having 3 near death experiences, I feel I need to express exactly how I feel about Life and Gods Love. I had an interesting experience the other day when a neighbor said to me " You don't act gay! "My answer was how do gay people act? But it started a process of thoughts in my mind!
So I will attempt to explain my ...thought process after the question. To start with I am Male, second I am a Black male, and I am a same gender loving male, none of which I had a choice in being! Yet each one of the labels carry a different set of rules and perceptions of what each one denotes.
The known are I am not now, nor do I desire to be a female (I love my sistas with all my heart, Women are remarkable!). Being a black man carries it's own set of issues to be dealt with, Then add same gender loving man to that adds a whole new dimension to the equation!

 Same gender loving men who are not stereotypical confuses, ( down low) , Those with a strong X chromosome,( Effeminate) are more accepting, because they are more visible. Society deals a little better with this..
I support my effeminate brothers with all my soul because if not for them we would nor have the freedom we have today( Stonewall 1968), but my MENTOTRS were James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Bayard Rustin,( Father of the Civil rights Movement, Malcolm X, Hughie Newton, Men who loved men and still worked for out freedom. Their sexuality did not define their actions or their contributions to our freedom.   Queen Latafah  "I know Where I've been"  

 Plato and Darwin were right about natural selection, we would all be a lot freer if we could love who we were destined to love. When heterosexuals ask the question when did you choose to be gay? My answer is exactly the time you chose to be straight!!

Now I know some of you are now going to throw the Bible at me! The same book they used with colorful beads and Missionaries that lured you and I out of Africa out of Africa and into slavery with! But I serve a Living, Loving God that intended me to be just who I am!! I know my time is short on this earth but I am so filled with gratitude for the gift I have been given to see the beauty and being able to create beauty and to keep a loving heart in spite of the hate I face every day of my life.   "The Ways To Love a Man"

 I close by saying I am A Man, I am A Black man in every since of the definition and I am a Same gender Loving man and I have Loved and been Loved . I live-in gratitude of Gods love.
Jazz lovers I leave you with my Favorite Della Song, my theme song and I have been blessed enough to live it.  "The I have been looking for"
Well Jazzlovers until next time, 
Keep The beat!
D W Jazzlover

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