Monday, March 1, 2010

Alberta Hunter A Very Interesting Life A Lesson for All

Alberta Hunter
April 1, 1895 – October 17, 1984

Hello JazzLovers it is a rainy day in Beautiful Bahrain

I have had a long dry spell, I have just did not feel like writing, but that is ok too...I have become very unhappy with my neighborhood, (not condusive to writing)it is going down and my flat the harder I try to clean and upgrade just reveals another problem...So I am moving tomorrow to a new building "Way out on the outside of town " That is a song by Ruth Brown by the way! I will miss the area only because I can walk everywhere and now I had to find something on the bus line...I don't drive.(So you see Alan we are all moving right now!) I have found a nice 2 bedroom flat with windows!!!!!!!!!a new building and CLEAN!!more than I can say for this building...But enough of that..

Mis Alberta Hunter has been on my mind, I discovered her a couple of years before she died and fell in love with her music..Of course she was then in her 80s,, but she had a very interesting life..She started singing in the 20s and gained fame for her jazzz and blues 1950 she left the entertainment field and went to nursing school and retired from Nursing at 80 and was rediscovered as a singer and the rest is history...
So Jazz lovers I just wanted to introduce her to you......She traveled the world in her early career and and once more in her 80s...Remarkable.

Handy Man

Jazz Fest 1982

Alberta Hunter wrote this song in 1922 and Bessie Smith made it a very big hit.."Down Hearted Blues"

This is my Favorite song by Ms. Hunter "No Body knows You when You're Down and Out"

"My Castle's Jumping" Age 82 Plus interview! Very Sassy!!

Alberta Hunter in Concert in France 1983 part 1,2 and  3

"The Down Town Strutters Ball" is one of the best she has ever done!

Ms. Alberta Hunter answers a question I had in an earlier bolg about aging, I think she is just fantastic to have lived her life so fully.....Thanks to her I have nothing to complain about..I could tell her story here but I think she did a better job than I ever could...Enjoy Jazzlovers..A remarkable Woman.

Until next Time Jazzlovers,

Keep the beat.

DW Jazzlover


  1. Enjoy your new abode my friend, everything in life is a compromise but look on the bright!
    Hope to talk soon, have missed you.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this great entertainer! Since you like Jazz music, here is an acapella song sung by my sister. I think you can appreciate this:)

    All of Me

  3. Hi Mahndisa thank you for your comment, but the link to your sister singing did not come through. Please resend it I would love to hear it.
    "All of Me" is favorite of mine, my friend TV Mama use tio tare up that song..
    I would live to hear yiur sisters version.

  4. You know Jazzlovers, i am sitting here reading blogs and as i was about to click off, I came back to Alberta Hunter once more. I do love this Lady! I am still on Youtube listening to her.
    Keep the beat!!